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[opensuse-ambassadors] Welcome Kostas as Ambassador to Greece
  • From: Andreas Jaeger <aj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 15:34:31 +0200
  • Message-id: <201009131534.31703.aj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
A warm welcome to Kostas as new ambassador to Greece!

I'm appending below his introduction,

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

My country is Greece, my region is Macedonia/Thessaloniki and finally my
user page in the wiki is
Below you will find my answers but I want to ask you something,for whatever
I would like to find out should I ask you or should I make the question to
the ambassador list?

What have you done already for openSUSE?

Firstly I helped some of my friends migrate from the world of windows to the
world of Open Source with openSUSE. Along with Stathis (diamond_gr) we are
trying to make a Greek edition of openSUSE: Education-Li-f-e inserting Greek
school books among other stuff.

What are your plans for promoting openSUSE?

As the Event manager of
I can create some events, participate in events organized by other local
lugs I'm in contact with promoting openSUSE all over my country. I am
planning in participate also in every major technological event in my
country (like Fosscom) spreading openSUSE challenging people to try it, have
it and love it like I did.

Are you ready to start promoting openSUSE?

I was born ready. I already started creating various things in order to make
my presentations unforgettable and I will soon present them to the marketing
mailing list,it only takes long because of my works increased needs(I am a
seasonal Firefighter and it's still summer in Greece)

What do you think is the best kept secret of openSUSE?

Before I start reading the mailing lists I used to believe that was the
stability of the system and the equal treatment to all desktop
implementations,Now I believe that the people involved with openSUSE are the
best kept secret because of the simplicity and the 'playful cleverness' that
apply to.

Why do you love to do this?

Because there is the joy of receiving and the joy of sharing. I interact
with the community of Gnu/Linux generally for a couple of years now and
among all other things people from the community taught me is to love to
share what I got. And because I love green .

How did you start with with Linux/openSUSE? What is your level of

Great story and long story. Shortly I started with Gnu/Linux after a sudden
crash of my microsoft Windows and never left them since then...I started
with openSUSE due to a rather strange hobby I have,installing various
distribution to my laptop as a Linux newbie and interact and try to make
them crash of impossible for the new user to repair it.I am a 'professional'
on it and and I have crashed many 'Stable' distributions in a couple of
hours. OpenSUSE 11.2 took me 3 days. So I decide to really try it. My level
of experience is intermediate.

That's all folks
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