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Re: [opensuse-ambassadors] #opensuse-in Meeting on Saturday 9/11/2010 (summary)
  • From: Koushik Kumar Nundy <kknundy@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 05:15:22 +0800
  • Message-id: <AANLkTi=ftHC2KpdCvE+GzBbcXCZ1jyDDW6F3XOtj8ab1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sorry for not attending. Some IP conflict massage kept popping up on Chatzilla.

From what I could gather from the session transcript, my 2 ยข.

The 'campus ambassador' idea, although it has been implemented
elsewhere, has met limited success. Case in point : SUN. If anyone is
really interested, just be an ambassador. The process is pretty open
and streamlined.

31 ambassadors in India seems overly optimistic. AJ had proposed a
cleanup. Anything on the charts? This applies to the entire list. Even
the lone Hong Kong guy on it never replied when I mailed him to
propose some collaborative effort.

I personally prefer a more or less flat organisation. Heirarchies
create ego clashes, misuse of authority, dismissive behaviour with
newbies and 'low grade participants', etc.

Starting at schools is a very welcome idea. I had tried it personally,
but hit some roadblocks. Namely, lack of motivation in teachers,
incompatibilty and inflexibility of school schedules and . Maybe I
should have tried harder.
However, that aside, if schoolboys and girls get a taste of first
blood, and start believing in the value of FOSS, both in terms of
quality and philosophy, we hit first on the count in which proprietary
systems beat us, they condition impressionable minds into thinking of
them as the only option. This results in the idea that Linux is only
for CS/IT students and pros. If we could get them to believe in us,
that could very well change.

This job offer part I could not quite comprehend. That is not how FOSS
works afaik.

Country specific strategies may work, I don't know. Never operated on
that scale.

Spending on DVDs needs reimbursement in countries like India, whenever
possible. Most people there start at college level. Without cost
recovery, their reach is severely crippled, to say the least. I faced
it myself at a point. There is only so much one can do without cash
support, especially applicable at student level.

"the 'official' cd's look better" for sure. No self made labels, etc
can match the pro look they have.

The preference for other distros, primarily f & U is clearly visible
in India. A primary reason is more Indian contributors in those.
Another is corporate backing. Also, for F, the Pune office of RH has
this huge team working full-time on it, paid! That helps too.

Footnote : Anybody looking toward the end of promoting oS in India or
elsewhere, if you need help that I can provide. please drop a mail.
Will try my best. Please remember though that my coding is nothing to
write home about. Writing skills more respectable.

P.S. Sorry for the long mail :)


Koushik Kumar Nundy
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