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[opensuse-ambassadors] #opensuse-in Meeting on Saturday 9/11/2010 (summary)
  • From: Ravindra Aditya <ravindra.novell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 00:55:58 +0530
  • Message-id: <AANLkTikRdurYoimTwL4Ap1gHNEfK1Q9sV_gr9CD4dHb8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
#opensuse-in Meeting:
Agenda :
1) Focus on openSUSE in india (10mins)
2) Hits and Drawbacks (10mins)
3) Plans, Measures for new wave of contributors and users (30 mins)
4) Conclusion (10 mins)
Started on Saturday 9/11/2010 8:58:48 PM
Discussed on what’s new in openSUSE, activities done, suggestions,
feedbacks, etc.:-
Discussed on the needs, drawbacks, plans, etc.:-
Concluded the meeting at 11:12PM
There is a need for new contributors /users for openSUSE in India.
Currently we are having no strong community. We have hurdles like to
convince people to organize meetings and there is a need to create
awareness for Linux at school level not the thing that someone refuses
For this to happen there is a need to choose a best guy, at the best
time using the best word to be successful at any strategy.
Next begin the activities such as forming of group, organizing some talks,
meetings, conferences, grabbing new users, contributors, helping the
community ,writing articles, actively participating in forums, answering
questions in the mailing list, peers, beginners, etc.:-
organizing FOSS events will be awesome at the school level for the benefit
of the students and the teachers make openSUSE programs more closed with
educational vertical market.
for these contributions, the user can be granted the membership privileges.
Until then, not give a title unless someone has already done work - proven
they are.
08:58 Joining chat room...
Started talking in opensuse-in on Saturday 9/11/2010 8:58:48 PM
Started talking in opensuse-in on Saturday 9/11/2010 8:58:48 PM
Room topic is: Welcome to openSUSE India Channel | Google
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08:59 rahacks hi, i'm back
manugupt1 Hi rahacks
manugupt1 I am Manu
rahacks i'm Ravindra
rahacks you are from ?
manugupt1 Good Evening to #opensuse-in channel
09:00 rahacks Good Evening !!!
manugupt1 Meeting's one hour later right
manugupt1 I am from Manipal
manugupt1 Currently studying there
rahacks nope! it was scheduled to be at 9:00PM
09:01 rahacks oh, that's cool.
manugupt1 Where are you from
rahacks i'm from AP
rahacks you ?
manugupt1 Let me check your mail
rahacks ok.
manugupt1 Assam
09:02 rahacks ok.
rahacks could you please update me,how far are you been in openSUSE ?
rahacks what all activities have you done.?
09:03 manugupt1 Wait a second..
manugupt1 I will be back in 5 mins sorry
09:04 rahacks ok.
manugupt1 I am back...
manugupt1 Lets ping up jos too
09:05 rahacks ok.
manugupt1 He wanted to be here.. we will wait for him for 5 mins
rahacks ok.
rahacks what all activities have you done.?
manugupt1 Waise I have installed openSUSE
09:06 manugupt1 on a few comeputers
manugupt1 made people aware of openSUSE in the region..
rahacks that's really nice.! good work.
manugupt1 What about you
09:07 manugupt1 Thanks
rahacks ya, i started some bunch of works like .. as u did
installations, awareness
rahacks along with these
rahacks i started community in our city
09:08 manugupt1 Ok... Thats awesome...
manugupt1 Does your community have a web site
rahacks soon bringing few standards in the conduct and organizing
rahacks not yet.
manugupt1 Oh... :
rahacks but very soon. it will be.
09:09 rahacks so, got anything interesting in new openSUSE
rahacks ?
manugupt1 YaST & the community ( the latter is the best part)
09:10 rahacks ohh
manugupt1 What about you...
rahacks new distro with effects and streamlining
09:11 rahacks i feel it was awesome.
manugupt1 Why ohh........
manugupt1 IT IS
rahacks i haven't observed that's why.
rahacks ya, ! i too know
09:12 rahacks good.. had any packages ?
manugupt1 I did not get you with had any packages
09:13 rahacks i mean
rahacks have you build any packages / projects ?
manugupt1 No... not yet
09:14 rahacks ok.. have you been in students community @connect ?
manugupt1 I am there in connect but have not opened it for a long
rahacks ok.
09:15 manugupt1 Ok...
manugupt1 I have a complain from my side regarding you
09:16 manugupt1 I hope you would not mind
rahacks oh. what is that ?
manugupt1 In the mails, you do not consider others Point of view
09:17 rahacks oh.. i'm sorry.. but the thing is
rahacks as i considered to mail to maillist
09:18 rahacks there only few have had responded and also they asked to make
it in the irc
rahacks so!
rahacks it happened like this@
rahacks so, what do you suggest ?
manugupt1 The point is there are only a few active members
09:19 manugupt1 So if we ignore them completely that is bad for us
whether on the ML or IRC
rahacks ya... that's what triggering me to arrange some meetings for
all together to make the coming sessions active.
rahacks so, got any idea?
09:20 manugupt1 Ok.. We will do the meeting as was the schedule
manugupt1 that had a nice chrono order
rahacks yep!
rahacks shall we wait for few more mins ?
manugupt1 Why
09:21 manugupt1 20 mins late attendees should not be entertained unless
they are here
rahacks yep!
rahacks give me 3 mins.
rahacks plzz
manugupt1 Sure....
09:25 manugupt1 just ping me by name whenever u r there
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09:26 rahacks did u connect anyone till now ?
09:27 manugupt1 Yes.. Rajko did
rahacks ok.
09:28 rahacks #start topic :Focus on openSUSE in india
manugupt1 Ok...
09:29 manugupt1 What are your plans
rahacks what do you think about current state of openSUSE in india ?
manugupt1 What should be the plan of ficus
manugupt1 BAD
rahacks mean ?
manugupt1 People like fedora & *bu**u
09:30 manugupt1 More than openSUSE
manugupt1 then Mint is gaining a lot of popularity
rahacks ya, it's only because of strong community
rahacks support
rahacks we have to bring this back in phase in our openSUSE
09:31 manugupt1 How do you suggest we do that?
rahacks what do you say ?
manugupt1 We must have more contributors.. then it will be a
trickle down effect
manugupt1 More contributors mean more ambassadors
09:32 rahacks yep! exactly
-> gnokii has joined opensuse-in
rahacks so, are there any hurdles for openSUSE in india like hardware
plantation ?
09:33 manugupt1 rahacks, one sec

gnokii is ~gnokii@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (gnokii)
gnokii is in the following rooms: opensuse-in
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manugupt1 gnokii, and jos is joing in a min
rahacks okay!
rahacks that's cool.
gnokii u sleep I joined before u said it
09:34 -> jospoortvliet_ has joined opensuse-in
manugupt1 Welcome jospoortvliet_
manugupt1 I will copy and paste
rahacks ok...
manugupt1 <rahacks> #start topic :Focus on openSUSE in india
manugupt1 <manugupt1> Ok...
manugupt1 <manugupt1> What are your plans
manugupt1 <manugupt1> What should be the plan of ficus
manugupt1 <rahacks> what do you think about current state of
openSUSE in india ?
manugupt1 <manugupt1> BAD
jospoortvliet_ manugupt1: tnx
manugupt1 <rahacks> mean ?
manugupt1 <manugupt1> People like fedora & *bu**u
manugupt1 <manugupt1> More than openSUSE
manugupt1 <manugupt1> then Mint is gaining a lot of popularity
manugupt1 <rahacks> ya, it's only because of strong community
manugupt1 <rahacks> support
manugupt1 <rahacks> we have to bring this back in phase in our
manugupt1 <manugupt1> How do you suggest we do that?
manugupt1 <rahacks> what do you say ?
manugupt1 <manugupt1> We must have more contributors.. then it
will be a trickle down effect
manugupt1 <manugupt1> More contributors mean more ambassadors
manugupt1 <rahacks> yep! exactly
manugupt1 * gnokii (~gnokii@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) has
joined #opensuse-in
manugupt1 <rahacks> so, are there any hurdles for openSUSE in
india like hardware plantation ?
09:35 manugupt1 <manugupt1> rahacks, one sec
-> simon123 has joined opensuse-in
manugupt1 <manugupt1> gnokii, and jos is joing in a min
manugupt1 <rahacks> okay!
manugupt1 <rahacks> that's cool.
manugupt1 <gnokii> u sleep I joined before u said it
manugupt1 jospoortvliet_, anytime welcome
jospoortvliet_ tnx dude
simon123 2 from india and the rest from the world
jospoortvliet_ now keep talking
manugupt1 Ok..
09:36 rahacks so, are there any known hurdles ?
manugupt1 <manugupt1> I will copy and paste
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <rahacks> #start topic :Focus on openSUSE
in india
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> Ok...
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> What are your plans
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> What should be the plan of ficus
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <rahacks> what do you think about current
state of openSUSE in india ?
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> BAD
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <rahacks> mean ?
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> People like fedora & *bu**u
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> More than openSUSE
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> then Mint is gaining a lot of
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <rahacks> ya, it's only because of strong
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <rahacks> support
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <rahacks> we have to bring this back in
phase in our openSUSE
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> How do you suggest we do that?
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <rahacks> what do you say ?
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> We must have more
contributors.. then it will be a trickle down effect
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <manugupt1> More contributors mean more
manugupt1 <manugupt1> <rahacks> yep! exactly
manugupt1 Yes there are hurdles in India
rahacks elaborate
manugupt1 I faced a hard time convincing people
09:37 manugupt1 to use openSUSE
rahacks is it because of migration or because of lack of interests ?
manugupt1 Plus OBS is not well known in India for developers
rahacks ok.
manugupt1 I dont know.. but in my opinion it will be the go with
the crowd attitude
09:38 rahacks yep!
rahacks the same thing happened in other distros
manugupt1 Ok.. So
manugupt1 now how do we move about it
09:39 manugupt1 jospoortvliet_, suggested blogs which is an excellent
rahacks before getting in to how to move, i want to stress more on our
pros and cons
manugupt1 Sure... rahacks
rahacks so, removing the barriers will make up
09:40 rahacks for this, firstly
manugupt1 rahacks, continue.. listening to you sir

09:41 rahacks we need some support in terms of project / program
implementation rights
manugupt1 Like...
rahacks like to have some privileges
manugupt1 Privileges like
rahacks in granting some rights to make a campus ambassador
rahacks by bringing regional heads/ teams
09:42 rahacks under action!
jospoortvliet_ rahacks: I don't understand, implementation
rights? privileges?

rahacks the action plan must be like
manugupt1 rahacks, There not a lot of people in various
region plus this is a voluntary effort not a paid effort

09:43 rahacks ya.. but the regions covered are very less.
rahacks and the covered regions have inactive contributors
rahacks for this
rahacks what i suggest is
09:44 jospoortvliet_ rahacks: so how to turn inactive contributors
into active contributors?

gnokii jospoortvliet_: +1
rahacks choose few regions (major cities in india)
manugupt1 jospoortvliet_, gnokii lets listen to him first
jospoortvliet_ manugupt1: yep
09:45 jospoortvliet_ rahacks: keep talking!

rahacks then, choose few new / existing contributors as the regional
head who have right to select a campus ambassador
rahacks then the campus ambassador will be assigned some tasks
09:46 rahacks this entire process must be like chain
gnokii wtf is a campus ambassador?
rahacks for a duration we shall place some points for every
09:47 rahacks if the campus ambassador does well, then
manugupt1 gnokii, A Campus Ambassador is a student promoting the
distro in his own College / Institute/ University / School
jospoortvliet_ gnokii: let him talk, besides he just said that
rahacks he will then promoted to upper level in the chain
09:48 gnokii mmh why it is called "campus ambassador"?
manugupt1 Its a term used in India gnokii
rahacks and at the penultimate level he must get offered a direct offer
from the company / other opportunity to grow in this openSUSE
09:49 manugupt1 Ok... rahacks is this your idea
gnokii used?
rahacks campus ambassador or simple brand ambassador is equal
rahacks but campus ambassador is the ideal for school / college /
09:50 rahacks he will have more ability to grab contributors / users
rahacks as in india, we have more linux users at student level.
09:51 rahacks #all clear ?
manugupt1 rahacks, yes

manugupt1 rahacks, I have a few questions

rahacks yep! go head
09:52 manugupt1 rahacks, Do you know we have a member and user

rahacks yep!
rahacks so ?
09:53 manugupt1 So we have a clear difference b/w them
manugupt1 also rahacks there is no company involved with openSUSE
manugupt1 so whos gonna give a direct offer
-> CarlosRibeiro has joined opensuse-in
rahacks direct offer in the sense,
09:54 rahacks role @openSUSE only.
manugupt1 rahacks, openSUSE does not pay

manugupt1 welcome CarlosRibeiro
jospoortvliet_ point is that you can't promise that someone will get a
job. If you've proven yourself you'll get it most likely but that's no guarantee
jospoortvliet_ hi CarlosRibeiro
manugupt1 and rahacks from India and rest of the world
CarlosRibeiro manugupt1: thanks and hello all
09:55 jospoortvliet_ rahacks: your plan is interesting. It is
however VERY different from how openSUSE and other Free Software projects work.

CarlosRibeiro jospoortvliet_: hi
jospoortvliet_ we don't have titles
manugupt1 rahacks, Also since this is a voluntary effort
making a hierarchy is not a good idea I suppose

jospoortvliet_ we don't give or hand out tasks
rahacks exactly but why can't we boost him in the sense "If you've
proven yourself you'll get it most likely but that's no guarantee"
jospoortvliet_ everyone does what he/she likes to do
09:56 rahacks ?
jospoortvliet_ rahacks: sure that is an argument when talking
to somebody into contributing but it should not be their main motivator

jospoortvliet_ because you can't guarantee it...
jospoortvliet_ It also depends a lot on what you're good at, what you
09:57 jospoortvliet_ eg someone who learns to write C++ and Qt and works in
KDE for 2 or 3 years, learning a lot etc - I can pretty much guarantee that
person a job
jospoortvliet_ but someone who organizes hack meetings or does
marketing - much less likely
jospoortvliet_ it's cool and fun but harder to get a job there
rahacks ya! but why can't he @openSUSE ?
jospoortvliet_ rahacks: what can't he what at opensuse?

09:58 rahacks can't he/she get the opportunity to develop as a core ?
09:59 jospoortvliet_ you can do that ALWAYS, just DO it
jospoortvliet_ there is nobody who can't develop in the core
jospoortvliet_ and if you do it for a couple of months and do it well
you'll quickly get responsibilities
jospoortvliet_ so you don't have to be involved for years for that...
jospoortvliet_ just be willing to do the work and you're there
jospoortvliet_ we're a completely flat organisation
10:00 jospoortvliet_ if you want to maintain YaST, it'll take almost no time
to get there - you only have to DO it
simon123 what I see is that rahacks proposes some "offical"
ranking of ambassadors; is that right ?
rahacks yep!
jospoortvliet_ so we can't 'give' someone a position because they
aren't given.
CarlosRibeiro hum....
10:01 CarlosRibeiro I and other fellows here don't like this idea
jospoortvliet_ rahacks: if you want an offiicial ranking -
well, we COULD do that but then only in india - as in at least in Europe and
the US titles are bad, not good

jospoortvliet_ CarlosRibeiro: see what I just said - it might work
better in india
rahacks ya, it can happen only in india.
manugupt1 I am not in favour of that too, not many others will be
jospoortvliet_ but surely not in many other countries
10:02 manugupt1 who have the concept of open source embedded in their
manugupt1 rahacks, I am speaking about India only

simon123 that is what I was proposing for membership; it is
simple that people work better with some reward - recognition that is written
manugupt1 rahacks, no need to get agitated

CarlosRibeiro jospoortvliet_: I believe this is normal process
gnokii there should for this cas no extra rules for india or any other
country be
rahacks gnokii +1
gnokii ??
10:03 jospoortvliet_ simon123: not everywhere - in FOSS, such positions mean
little and can be counter-productive
gnokii jospoortvliet_: +1
jospoortvliet_ eg many of the largest FOSS organisations have NO
positions at all
jospoortvliet_ gnokii: I'm not in principle against special rules for
eg India
jospoortvliet_ but we have to know it will help there
CarlosRibeiro does not make sense to have a kind of hierarchy
jospoortvliet_ manugupt1 seems not to like the idea either
manugupt1 right jospoortvliet_ one of my main reasons getting
into such a project
CarlosRibeiro if we have a small group
jospoortvliet_ CarlosRibeiro: that's surely true
10:04 jospoortvliet_ you can have little hierarchy if you have 5 peeps
CarlosRibeiro but when we starts to grwo this is necessary
simon123 jospoortvliet_: you need contact for some activity,
that is position
manugupt1 Also I remember a mail by gnokii where he demanded what
are Indian ambassadors doing
CarlosRibeiro I living this here... and I working hard to refuse be
called as leader
CarlosRibeiro I quite sure we need to be more mature
manugupt1 and the replies said we are doing voluntary work
10:05 CarlosRibeiro maybe in 30, 60 days makes more sense, after
latinoware, the results of linuxcon, fisl, volday...
gnokii manugupt1: I never lost the interest on this question
jospoortvliet_ simon123: sure, sure
jospoortvliet_ but those are often not really given in a very official
jospoortvliet_ but kind'a grow
rahacks #all : what do you suggest ?
10:06 jospoortvliet_ and are very much like "hey anyone thinks he/she can be
the official contact for germany?"
manugupt1 jospoortvliet_, In India we do require some contact
manugupt1 I have a suggestion here
rahacks can i be ?
rahacks yep!
CarlosRibeiro go ahead manugupt1
10:07 manugupt1 I would suggest If anyone requires a contact from
within openSUSE , they contact the ambassador lead Aj, He can write a letter
sign it scan it and send it to him back which might be proof enough we arenot
10:08 manugupt1 What do you guys suggest...
rahacks manugupt1 : in this regard i suggest,
rahacks # to all,
jospoortvliet_ instead of giving positions and such I would much
rather talk about what needs to be done - eg the work, the tasks themselves.
Like setting up a website, an indian-focussed forum, writing india-focussed
articles, stuff like that
jospoortvliet_ then ask for volunteers for doing the work
10:09 jospoortvliet_ you build a team that way, doing those things
rahacks in our case , i mean in india,
manugupt1 Yes.. jospoortvliet_ Agreed
manugupt1 +1 jospoortvliet_
CarlosRibeiro +1 jospoortvliet_
rahacks if we would like to get more contributors
10:10 rahacks i agree with jospoortvliet_ +
rahacks we need
gnokii rahacks: so why do u discuss then things like
"campus-abassador" or who will be the leader for ambassadors?

CarlosRibeiro hands up!
10:11 jospoortvliet_ CarlosRibeiro: wtf
rahacks okay! wait : my suggestion is
CarlosRibeiro well.... I believe India is pretty much the same as
rahacks : start up a country website / group / alike thing
gnokii ^^
rahacks place some roles like :
10:12 CarlosRibeiro but as India starts to focus on amnassadors program
befores us they are more in numbers .... then I believe many things I doing
here and is very interesting to India
manugupt1 rahacks, there is already

manugupt1 CarlosRibeiro, believe me they not more in numbers
rahacks program managers / regional leaders / campus ambassadors /
10:13 CarlosRibeiro First I'm not creating a kind of ambassadors program
CarlosRibeiro but we are doing lots of experiences and if some was
sucessfull in future
rahacks that group can't have a official connections with all,
manugupt1 -100000 rahacks and you repeating things over and over
CarlosRibeiro then we will share more in deep with others
10:14 CarlosRibeiro about hierarchy
rahacks so if we bring website / portal with emails then it will make
official to all
manugupt1 rahacks, did you care to see the google group

CarlosRibeiro when I started we was only 3
10:15 CarlosRibeiro and after 6 months I believe we are around 15
rahacks okay ! now how many active contributors ?
CarlosRibeiro and just right now we are suffering for not have a kind
of leader
gnokii funny question
CarlosRibeiro activities
10:16 manugupt1 The mails say me, psankar, cyberorg(our god father),
kknundy(who is now in hong kong), sj(in US)
CarlosRibeiro all that are believing in my ambassadors program faith
rahacks this is only just because of lack of growth in the functional
CarlosRibeiro cabelo, me, silvio, izabel, renato, kayo, .....
CarlosRibeiro sure more than 13 are very activy
CarlosRibeiro and that is the point
manugupt1 +100 CarlosRibeiro hugs to you
rahacks of each contributor, which is making him inactive.
CarlosRibeiro is we have no tasks, missions, visions, and resources
10:17 CarlosRibeiro does not make sense to have a leader also to find a
real "job" for thses ones
jospoortvliet_ rahacks: lack of growth in the functional level
- what do you mean with that

jospoortvliet_ CarlosRibeiro: tasks, missions, visions, resources -
those things we should discuss at some point
jospoortvliet_ when I'm in Brazil we can talk about that
10:18 jospoortvliet_ meanwhile let's focus on india now
CarlosRibeiro ok
CarlosRibeiro sorry
rahacks : if a contributor is active he is not having growth for a time.
rahacks his functions are limited
10:19 gnokii thinking about why all first ask for ressources before
they do work
jospoortvliet_ rahacks: We can give a place where somebody can

jospoortvliet_ we're not responsible for that growth however - we
rahacks so after sometime, they are becoming inactive
jospoortvliet_ we don't give positions or titles to show where someone
is standing
10:20 jospoortvliet_ you build your reputation based on your work - others
around you will (and should) recognize that
simon123 gnokii: if you want to give DVD and you finances are
low, what is next to do? ask for help.
CarlosRibeiro jospoortvliet_: yes we give tasks, missions and
CarlosRibeiro and of course recourses
10:21 jospoortvliet_ CarlosRibeiro: ok so to what extend to you or someone
else tell anyone what to do?
simon123 jospoortvliet_: problem is that they need some help in
real DVDs, instead of hand made
gnokii simon123: u are kidding me or what?
jospoortvliet_ simon123: gnokii: let's have that discussion some other
simon123 gnokii: it is India not Germany or US
manugupt1 Yes jospoortvliet_ simon123 has a valid point I can
distribute DVDs if it covers my shipping charges.. Low on pocket money
CarlosRibeiro jospoortvliet_: I do not understood
jospoortvliet_ CarlosRibeiro: sec
10:22 rahacks # all : how is the idea ?
jospoortvliet_ manugupt1: yes, that is a problem we have. The issue is
that we can't give money because Novell has the money and is simply
administratively not capable of giving that to individuals like you
jospoortvliet_ so that is what we need a foundation for - it will be
much easier to reimburse people
manugupt1 jospoortvliet_, I can give you the bills
jospoortvliet_ and it would be possible to set up local things
jospoortvliet_ manugupt1: hmmmm with the bills it might be possible
10:23 manugupt1 Like give the speed post tracking IDs and stuff a
verification medium
gnokii jospoortvliet_: the problem is when ur indian ambassadors not
only thinking on distriubute DVD on postal way then would it be easier
10:24 simon123 gnokii: +1, but they know their situation
jospoortvliet_ gnokii: in general I think it'd be best if ppl download
and burn themselves, get our DVD's at meetings/conferences and otherwise they
can buy DVD's and such
CarlosRibeiro jospoortvliet_: +1 you are right but i do not believe
this is the only way to have funds, by any foundation
rahacks jospoortvliet_ : +1 i agree
10:25 gnokii jospoortvliet_: thats what I meant no conference booth and
other events in india thats the problem
manugupt1 jospoortvliet_, What ambassadors can do is burn their
own media and send it and then ask for reimbursements, no need to send them any
jospoortvliet_ manugupt1: the 'official' cd's look better
jospoortvliet_ but again, do we really need to send those DVD's to
simon123 jospoortvliet_: +1
CarlosRibeiro to be honest, i really do not believe we also need
money.... we need a good strategy plan, we need to make other manufactures see
us and help us just because they wish..... why? because they are already using
openSUSE to recudece costs, risc..
rahacks jospoortvliet_ : +1 i agree
manugupt1 jospoortvliet_,
jospoortvliet_ ok guys let's not start talking about money yet.
manugupt1 will you send me a mail with an example (scan) of a bill I can see if
I can start reimbursing them.
10:26 jospoortvliet_ CarlosRibeiro: we will discuss funds in Brazil
jospoortvliet_ make sure you have an agenda when I come
jospoortvliet_ hehe
manugupt1 Yes.. I will see if I can get one
gnokii now is enough of this bruning DVD bullshit here! As I asked fot
the ambassador packages with them I get not a lot of ppl they like to have one
CarlosRibeiro sure jospoortvliet_
jospoortvliet_ let's try to go back to the point of this discussion
jospoortvliet_ gnokii has a good point
rahacks #topic : Plans, Measures for new wave of contributors and users
jospoortvliet_ rahacks: exactly

gnokii there is no DVD problem there is an other problem
10:27 jospoortvliet_ I think before we start talking positions and such we
simply need contributors
jospoortvliet_ and we can then later on figure out how to reward them
jospoortvliet_ and if in India official positions are valued, we can
create them - for india
jospoortvliet_ but we first need to know:
jospoortvliet_ - how to get ppl
jospoortvliet_ - what tasks we have for them
jospoortvliet_ IOW what work needs to be done
jospoortvliet_ and I mean the basic things:
jospoortvliet_ going to conferences
jospoortvliet_ writing articles
10:28 jospoortvliet_ answering questions on forum
rahacks #all let me answer this :
jospoortvliet_ answering questions on mailinglist
jospoortvliet_ etc
CarlosRibeiro helping new ones, giving interview
CarlosRibeiro helping to align the local needs to the openSUSE offers
10:29 CarlosRibeiro helping the ambassadors program turns to be more
efective more present in community real lifes
rahacks +1
rahacks #CarlosRibeiro +1, #jospoortvliet_ +1
10:30 CarlosRibeiro question.... does anyone here just spend 5 minutes at
any ambassador program web page? exemplo I did a research at brazilian embassy
at england
manugupt1 I did see a few
10:31 rahacks for this initiation first of all, we need to bring out
contributors / users starting from school level.
CarlosRibeiro good point rahacks
rahacks for this we need to organize some meetings/sessions at schools
manugupt1 jospoortvliet_, I can write articles
rahacks then bring out the interested guys
10:32 CarlosRibeiro #action make openSUSE Ambassadors program more closed
with educational vertical market
manugupt1 I tried contacting schools in my holidays rahacks
CarlosRibeiro but then it was rendered impossible
simon123 manugupt1: how?
rahacks make them uplifted with more kb
manugupt1 simon123, most of them had not heard about linux
10:33 manugupt1 leave openSUSE
simon123 so they don't let you present ?
rahacks for this program,
rahacks we need to organize some city wide events for schools
rahacks and we need to make sure that
manugupt1 yes.. simon123 and they were not ready to compromize
with their schedules
rahacks the teachers / faculty get some help from this
10:34 rahacks so, everyone will feel satisfied.
CarlosRibeiro manugupt1: well.... my vision when I get some difficult
situatios is ... I'm wrong, I could be better, smart, and develops a goos
strategic way to get what I want
manugupt1 simon123, an easier option is colleges where there is
lot of activity going on, its here I was most successfull
simon123 so, some formal "position" that they can verify could
CarlosRibeiro I mean manugupt1 maybe you only need the correct words,
to the correct guy, at the correct time
manugupt1 simon123, yes
rahacks simon123 : +1
10:35 manugupt1 CarlosRibeiro, I get you.. will give it a whirl
10:36 manugupt1 simon123, thats why I suggested we can contact the
ambassador lead and have a mail from him to the concerned authority
rahacks so, the college level contributors must go for volunteering the
school children and get the right support by going in good number to them
CarlosRibeiro if you did not be sucessfull share and we may start to
help you .... up here I thenping more than 3.500 using openSUSE edu lif-e was
easy? quickly? every tome funny?
CarlosRibeiro no... I started with just one guy, 5 years old
10:37 simon123 I see. Jos?
manugupt1 CarlosRibeiro, sure lets speak about it sometime later
CarlosRibeiro manugupt1: fine
rahacks #all, what do you say ?
10:38 manugupt1 Ok.. do we summarize?
manugupt1 Its been long enough
10:39 CarlosRibeiro rahacks: I said that the problem is not
"someone refuses to listen about openSUSE" the problem is to find the best guy,
at the best time using the best word to be sucessfull at any strategy

rahacks #topic : Conclusions
rahacks CarlosRibeiro : +1
rahacks for this
10:40 manugupt1 simon123, can you do the conclusions for us
manugupt1 rahacks, could you let simon123 do that..

simon123 I just wanted rahacks to post summary to ML
10:41 rahacks yep!
manugupt1 Sure.. simon123
simon123 ok, so rahacks will post summarry to ML
rahacks okay!
10:42 rahacks i want to bring my suggestion is that, bring out a right person
by selections / electing /test from a official member of openSUSE.
jospoortvliet_ ok
10:43 rahacks then plant a seed of tasks assigned and let the contributors
get well formulated
10:44 jospoortvliet_ point is - I'd rather not give a title unless someone
has already done work - proven themselves
simon123 sure
rahacks then, begin the activity tasks as discussed earlier, then bring
membership concept
jospoortvliet_ eg in KDE we assigned some ppl to be the official
marketing working group - they had worked for many years (!) in KDE
10:45 rahacks over to simon123
rahacks :
10:46 rahacks simon123: bring the conclusion
10:47 simon123 I was in 2 channels
simon123 sorry
simon123 ok
simon123 Jos told what comes first: activity
CarlosRibeiro jospoortvliet_: GNOME team too at least here in brazil
10:49 simon123 then there can be some formal position that teachers
and administrators in schools can check to see with whom they will "waste"
their time
10:50 simon123 that formal stuff is not important within opensource,
but helps to address people outside that are important for ambassadors project
CarlosRibeiro simon123: +1
rahacks simon123 : for conducting activity we need some official way to
make them executed because , the initiation part is the heck without that.
10:52 simon123 I guess that I don't have to add more, outside world
that has no clue what is Linux, and suddenly is approached by someone claiming
he is Linux advocate needs verification
simon123 otherwise ambassador request for time will be
10:54 manugupt1 simon123, Can I add a few points too
simon123 it is possible to "fish" for right people, but that is
hit and miss action, we have to have something that works as in outside world
simon123 ga manugupt1
10:55 manugupt1 Lets begin by doing ourselves.. Writing a blog and
introducing the blog to the ML
manugupt1 something about openSUSE and stuff
10:56 manugupt1 If possible, based on funds people can go to FOSS
events and represent openSUSE
manugupt1 thats it for me
10:57 rahacks fine ! anything more to be added ?
10:58 manugupt1 Thats it for me....
CarlosRibeiro no
CarlosRibeiro for me
10:59 manugupt1 CarlosRibeiro, go ahead
11:00 CarlosRibeiro simon123: I need some help with wiki page for
portuguese language
CarlosRibeiro ehehe
simon123 wiki channel
11:01 manugupt1 Ok.. the meeting is over guys
CarlosRibeiro same old problem.... but as we did not be sucessfull
yet.... ok wiki channel
manugupt1 bye good night
manugupt1 rahacks, post the summary good nights

11:02 rahacks good night
11:05 CarlosRibeiro god night
manugupt1 rahacks, visii here often even if no talks goes

manugupt1 something might strike in my mind and I might tell you
11:06 manugupt1 also do visit #opensuse-marketing
rahacks ok.
simon123 manugupt1: rahacks membership application, can you help
with that ?
jospoortvliet_ night all
jospoortvliet_ let's continue the discussion on Mailinglist...
manugupt1 simon123, more specific please
11:07 manugupt1 sure jospoortvliet_ good night
simon123 well, he is not member, and that makes his work around
simon123 and needs activity to be approved
11:08 simon123 how to go about that, any ideas
manugupt1 simon123, I am not a member but can speak to bryen
CarlosRibeiro ok guys thanks a lot...
manugupt1 A simple mail in India does that nowadays, also if
psankar mails that will do
11:09 CarlosRibeiro bye see you at marketing ml or opensuse-pt channel
<- CarlosRibeiro has left opensuse-in
manugupt1 as he is from novell, corporate backing helps sometimes
simon123 who, rahacks ?
manugupt1 no psankar
simon123 ok
11:10 manugupt1 I will speak to both of them
simon123 ok
manugupt1 Or pick this issue in the marketing meeting
11:11 manugupt1 bye simon123 good night
simon123 good night manugupt1
11:12 rahacks #end-meeting
<- jospoortvliet_ has disconnected (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
simon123 yes, see you later rahacks
11:14 rahacks
11:15 <- simon123 has left opensuse-in ("Konversation terminated!")
11:36 <- manugupt1 has disconnected (Quit: Leaving)
12:37 -> CarlosRibeiro has joined opensuse-in
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