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[opensuse-ambassadors] New ambassador to France
  • From: Andreas Jaeger <aj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 15:52:10 +0200
  • Message-id: <201009091552.10495.aj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
I'd like to welcome Syvolc aka Timothée BRIOLET as ambassador to France.

I'm appending his introduction,

---------- Forwarded Message ----------

I introduce myself :
My real name is Timothée BRIOLET, I'm 24 years old. I'm mechanical
design researcher in french scientific university. So I'm not a computer
programmer, but I use intensively Linux from 5 years.

I'm implicate in my french regional LUG Chtinux,
and in several event I promote OpenSUSE and spread the ideas of free

We have a lack of OpenSUSE users in northern France, and I want to try to
make OpenSUSE know to larger population.

Sorry for mistakes or bad english.

glad that you like to join openSUSE as an ambassador to promote

I have a couple of questions for you:

I have time and abilities to become openSUSE ambassador, but I want
promote openSUSE locally, in my region. I don't think become one day,
an international responsible marketing. :-)
Several reasons : I'm not font of English language : I thing you have
already perceive this. (so sorry for this)
I work with my LUG chtinux, we have some ubuntu, mandriva and other
distributions specialists. I want become the openSUSE specialist and
represent our distribution.
We make several periodic event : like each month : meetings, an
install party, a board of directors, a conference (e.g. openstreetmap,
openoffice, kde, file systems, photos editor on linux, packages
manager, ... ). And we met associations, industrialist and state
So I want to be here, to say that openSUSE is a very good alternative
for all, new users or pro.

* What have you done already for openSUSE?

not a lot on the web, I participate on official openSUSE forum... in
french :

* What are your plans for promoting openSUSE?

I think create a new french blog about openSUSE and KDE, with news and
tutorial videos step-by-step or presentation videos.
I continue my role in my LUG Chtinux.

* Are you ready to start promoting openSUSE?

Yes ! a thing become ambassador going to motivate me to invest my time
to promote our distribution and help users.

* What do you think is the best kept secret of openSUSE?

a solid base (one of the oldest distributions) , all the best
ingredients (I love KDE), a nice users community (cooperative side),
the support of Novell (add a serious side), an encouraging future
(meego already adapted for openSUSE, and it use similar technologies :
Qt, rpm...)

* Why do you love to do this?

Hard question :-) I love to do this because I love openSUSE and all
the free softwares concept. I start as an user... but I became
fascinated, and I want to work to diffuse our ideas and make openSUSE
know to larger population.

* How did you start with with Linux/openSUSE? What is your level of

Approximately : I started Linux in 2003, with debian, then openSUSE,
then kubuntu, then return to openSUSE since 2006.
But, I'm not a programmer. I have done engineering mechanics studies.
I started to make little Qt programme but I think I will never have
the enough abilities to resolve very technical issues (like driver
compilation, write complex script...) or to become openSUSE developer.

The ambassador program is currently pretty informal and we expect the
ambassadors to organize themselves. So, please coordinate with other
ambassadors on the opensuse-marketing mailing list:
* share with them what you like to do
* share what you did, e.g. what kind of event did you organize, how
many people joined
* share what you learned, explain what was great at your event, what
you want to improve
* create material that is usefull for you and other ambassadors as

ok ! I prepare mail for present me and my ideas.

Also, as an ambassador, you're the expert on your country/region, so
please share on the opensuse-marketing mailing list a bit about the
openSUSE and the FOSS community in your country/region, e.g. what are
their needs.

ok, I will do this.

I'd like to send your answers to the opensuse-marketing list and thus
you as new ambassador. Please keep this in mind when answering and if you
don't agree, please tell me!

No problem, I do an other mail, cleaner for the ambassador mailing list.

For adding you to the ambassador list at, please tell me:
your country, region/city and your user page in the wiki.

Country : France, region/city : Lille (It is well known), so :
| Syvolc | France
| Lille |[[User:syvolc|Syvolc]] |-
or if you think is better to write my real name : Timothée BRIOLET

thx a lot !

Andreas Jaeger, Program Manager openSUSE, aj@{,}
Twitter: jaegerandi | Identica: jaegerandi
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Maxfeldstr. 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
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