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Re: [zypp-devel] RFC - Bug 737843 - zypper patch installs optional patches
* Michael Andres <ma@xxxxxxx> [Feb 09. 2012 17:18]:

bnc#737843 requires zypper not to install optional patches per default in
'zypper patch'.

I just commented on this bug. Its clearly a feature, not a bug to me.

Changing the default behaviour of zypper would violate the principle
of least surprise.

Issues I see when fixing this:

1) 'zypper lp' should IMO remain unchanged and continue to display all,
including optional, patches.

2) It should have some impact on 'zypper pchk', which returns the exit codes
if no updates, updates or even security updates are pending.

If 'zypper patch' will omit optional patches, 'zypper pchk' should do the

Absolutely !

But if optional patches do not count to ZYPPER_EXIT_INF_UPDATE_NEEDED, zypper
would return 0 if only optional patches are pending. But 0 should IMO be 'no
patches at all'. Thus I'd like to introduce a new return value:

How about
This matches better to

3) To install all optional patches you can use 'zypper patch -g optional'. But
there seems to be no way to install 'all', including optional, patches in one

You can not pass multiple '-g <category>' options (1st wins), nor some
<categorylist> like '-g optional,recommended', nor '-g all'.

Thats bad and needs fixing.

I think at least '-g all' should be implemented.


And implementing "-g optional,recommended" vs "-g optional -g recommended"
is debatable.

Does anybody see more trouble ahead?

The trouble is choosing the right default, which should be reflected
in zypper.conf.

IMHO, "all" should be the default, since selective patch installation
is something for the more experienced (who should be able to adapt
zypper.conf ;-))


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