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[zypp-devel] New feature (usability): Report progress in resolving dependency

I looked for this issue on the code and the wiki and didn't find
anything, but if I missed something and this topic has already been
discussed or implemented, please tell me =/
I haven't read all the documentation concerning zypp, right now I just
wanted to know if what I'm thinking makes sense and would be useful.

I think it would be interesting for ZYpp to report it's progress while
resolving packages. On YaST, when it calls zypp to resolve, it is only
able to pop up a window that says "Solving" and hide it after it's done.
This can be an issue if the system freezes on that moment, if you are on
text mode remotely you don't have a way to check if the machine is
frozen or really solving. I do know this usually takes a small amount of
time, but can we can document a maximum wait time or could it actually
take very long?

An idea to solve this would be to modify the function resolvePool() to
accept a callback function pointer as a parameter. It would then call
this function passed to it in a regular basis (probably inside
resolveDependencies()). This way you could make your own progress bar,
animation, etc, function on any graphical toolkit you want.

Sorry for the long e-mail, any comments, suggestions and pointers would
be nice. Meanwhile I'll keep reading on the ZYpp docs/code and see if I
missed something else.

Thank you,

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