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Re: [zypp-devel] Sat-Solver policy engine
  • From: Klaus Kaempf <kkaempf@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 16:23:28 +0100
  • Message-id: <20071105152328.GA15734@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Michael Matz <matz@xxxxxxx> [Nov 05. 2007 08:52]:

For better or worse, I have :-) Though I'm not sure if that's the way to
go. In my mental model it would work like this:

* policies are outside of solver (I think on that we all agree), solver
just calls back into them from time to time
* CoolApp wants to use satsolver, and also implement its own set of
policies, so it will have all the code for those very policies,
* CoolApp just needs a way of communicating that set of policies to the

Fully agreed.

Hence a function "set_policy (struct policies *)" would be completely
enough. Where struct policies could look similar to this:

struct policies
int (*archchanges) (Solvable *a, Solvable *b);
int (*allowdowngrade) (Solvable *a);
/* And so on. */

Right. Maybe enhanced by some versioning data to ensure the policy
implementation actually matches the policy API.

And we need a couple of 'first class' object definitions like
Solvable, Repo and Pool so the policy engine implementations
can use them uniformly.

I.e. I would want to make the solver somehow be responsible for loading
policies automagically.

Time for a '/etc/solver.conf' file or a /etc/solver/policy directory
to place a .so file with the policy implementation ?

I would want the using applications to actually set them.

Well, I guess we need three layers (resp. levels)

1. Solver default policy
2. System policy
3. Application policy

Let's not write yet another plugin system. I've seen too many, most of
them bad; it's usually a sign that the developers don't have any other
ideas anymore.

Any pointers to a 'good', reusable plugin system ?


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