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Re: [yast-devel] Re: Partitioner: changing the default tab
On Tue, 28 Jan 2020, Lukas Ocilka wrote:

On 1/23/20 3:36 PM, David Díaz wrote:

The question is simple, should we really display the "Overview" tab by
default? During the planning, it seems to some of us that it is useless
most of the time. Taking a disk with three partitions as an example, we
think it could be more practical to directly land in the "Partitions" tab.

- YaST Disk starts at "Available storage on *" and I never found it any
useful as it contains everything mixed together

Though this was not the original question, this is the one point I would
fully agree to.

I don't care much either way whether or not 'Overview' is per default

But rather, I believe a point could be made that the storage UI in general
deserves some re-thinking.

The basic concept had been made when the new storage code started and was
still quite limited. Meanwhile a lot of functionality has been added and the
UI feels, let's say, 'untidy'.

You usually get things done but I more or less just 'click around' until I
find the spot where I can do my changes.

And, to get back to the topic: the 'Overview' tab is sticking out beacuse it
is visually different from (ok, nearly) all other views that show some kind
of table. It just feels wrong when you see it.

So, please no one-shot fix just because someone screemed.


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