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Re: [yast-devel] Partitioner: changing the default tab
On 1/28/20 12:01 PM, Kenneth Wimer wrote:
I'd probably really expect

- To see only disks, when I click on Hard Disks
- To go directly to partitions when selecting a disk
- To see Volumes when selecting a LV instead of seeing overview

While I agree, this highlights the fact that without more information
(use-cases/epics, POC’s, reviews, tests) it is rnearly impossible to
create the best solution. Do we look at the larger scope and do this
right or do we implement singular feature requests based on
over-specific user stories? Even with just this one change there is a
lack of user information and/or testing. Waiting for bug reports as
“testing” has proven to not be an effective method of understanding our
true user-bases’s needs.

Absolutely. And that's the reason why we decided to re-evaluate big
topics from time to time. This is a perfect example. We often try to
implement things in a way that fits the rest of the tool, but we lack
real use-cases anyway. We do have a review, we do have testing, we blog
about it, but we mostly get only bugreports as a feedback if at all.

So, let's take this as an opportunity. We have learned the hard way :)
but we have actually learned something good.

- Understanding is the key here
- Use-cases are a must
- Usability review is a must
- Feedback from outside is really appreciated
- We should keep blogging, but it's not enough

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