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[yast-devel] Re: Partitioner: changing the default tab
First of all, I'm moving this discussion to the yast-devel mailing list.
This is not internal team stuff.

On 1/23/20 3:36 PM, David Díaz wrote:
Hi folks!

As part of my current PBI[1], I must raise a discussion about the
default behavior of pages with tabs in the Partitioner :)

The question is simple, should we really display the "Overview" tab by
default? During the planning, it seems to some of us that it is useless
most of the time. Taking a disk with three partitions as an example, we
think it could be more practical to directly land in the "Partitions" tab.

As it is related to the UI, I put Ken as CC since I'd like to involve
him in the discussion.

So, what do you think?

Let's clarify what we are discussing here. David is implementing
something that, so far, has been agreed as a reasonable first step.
Let's say you are in the "Partitions" tab of sda with the second
partition selected on the table. Then you jump to another device, and
then another and another, and finally you click in "sda" again. You will
land in the "Partitions" tab with the second partition pre-selected in
the table (if that partition still exists). So far, so good.

But what we are discussing here is which should be the active tab the
very first time you visit a given device. As said, currently is always
the first one... and that one is "Overview" for all devices. Is that the
most useful tab? Maybe not in all cases. Why are we landing there then?

The point is that the time in which you used a disk only to create
partitions on it and a software RAID only as some kind of virtual
partition are gone.

Now you can use a disk to directly format it, something relatively
common for pendrives and for data volumes in servers. And you can use a
software RAID as some kind of virtual disk in which you create
partitions, apart from formatting the RAID directly (which was the only
option in the old partitioner). And the same applies to Bcache devices,
that you can also format directly or break into partitions...

That's why we decided to always land in the first tab, that is
"Overview" for all devices... as the most simplistic approach.

This week Iván suggested to auto-select the default tab based on the
content of the device. If the disk/RAID already contains a partition
table, the default tab would be "Partitions". If not, it would be
"Overview". It makes a lot of sense and it's likely the best way to
reduce the number of clicks. But I fear it can be confusing. Many users
will not realize why the hell the Partitioner chooses one tab or another
for different devices.

Arvin pointed that the old Partitioner tries to always keep the same tab
as long as you are visiting devices of the same type. I mean, if you go
to sda->partitions and then click on sdb, you will land in the
"Partitions" tab of sdb because that's where you were in the previous
disk. Same applies to LVM (being in "vg0->physical volumes" and clicking
on vg1 will take you to "vg1->physical volumes") and other kind of devices.

So we are not sure what is the best approach here. All the ideas has
pros and cons.


[1] Remember tabs per node -

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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