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[yast-devel] Pending Pull Requests
This email is automatic generated from yast CI node. It lists of pull requests
that have no activity more then three working days. If your module is listed,
please check all pull request, why they are not merged yet.

Pending requests in repository yast-add-on:
- Unify labels (bsc#1123679) (63 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-autoinstallation:
- Modernize specfile (34 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-bootloader:
- Not crash with internal error when grub install device not found (122 days)

- Secure boot arm (171 days)

- patch to not show popup when editenv list failed (241 days)

- [no merge] More logging sle12 (328 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-country:
- Adding Persian (Farsi) (bsc#1092920) (31 days)

- Stop using obsolete XVersion (68 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: encapsulate systemd actions (135 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: add documentation and license information (172 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: fix error setting x11 keymap (172 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: add more layouts to the module (172 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: select current layout on startup (172 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: Use strategy pattern to avoid coupling (172 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: Add rubocop (172 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: Test keyboard layout before change it (172 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: Change keyboard layout (172 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: Load keyboard layouts (172 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-devtools:
- [RFC] Update the Rubocop config to version 0.59.2 (196 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-installation:
- Stop using obsolete XVersion (68 days)

- Demo: eager mode of zombie-killer 0.5 (186 days)

- Sp4 merge (348 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-mail:
- bsc#105491 setup of postfix with amavis DKIM signing does not work at all
(200 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-network:
- Remove Y2Network::Config read which is already read by Yast::Lan.Read (17

- [RFC] First impressions of the current network configuration status (63

- [RFC] Create a backup of the modified interface and restore if canceled (78

- [WIP] AutoYaST change the way the profile is intepreted (332 days)

- [RFC] Udev rule preparations (333 days)

- [WIP] Stop systemd socket associated services and ask for installing
firewalld service definition (385 days)

- [WIP] Drop replace direct access to LanItems::Items whenever it is
possible. (356 days)

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