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Re: [yast-devel] Using Docker Image from OBS
Dne 01. 04. 19 v 11:20 Arvin Schnell napsal(a):


we are starting to use docker images build by OBS instead of
Jenkins in Travis now. The first packages will be
yast2-storage-ng, yast-network and yast-autoinstallation. More
will follow.

If you have problems that may be caused by this change contact
Ladislav or me.

The Docker image should be the same as we used before, we only did some
to make the image smaller (faster download).

- Removed yast2-samba-client package (pulls in python3 and some perl packages)
- Removed some locales (~200MB!), kept only en_US, cs_CZ, de_DE, es_ES and

So far the only disadvantage seems to be that the image download at Travis is a
slower (+20 seconds) than with the previous Docker Hub images.

I guess that's because Travis uses GCE (Google Compute Cloud) based in the US
and the
OBS is located in the Europe so the longer distance/slower network transfers.

I played a bit with the Travis caching but it seems it won't help much. The
has some overhead and the packages in YaST:Head/Tumbleweed are updated quite
often. I
guess in the most cases the cached Docker image would be already obsolete and we
would need to download a new image anyway, making the cache useless. It would
help if you pushed your commits to GitHub really often.

(If you are interested in the details and want to see some numbers check
In theory we could implement our own "smart" caching, but that would be quite
difficult and probably would not pay off.)

Ladislav Slezák
YaST Developer

SUSE LINUX, s.r.o.
Corso IIa
Křižíkova 148/34
18600 Praha 8
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