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[yast-devel] Pending Pull Requests
This email is automatic generated from yast CI node. It lists of pull requests
that have no activity more then three working days. If your module is listed,
please check all pull request, why they are not merged yet.

Pending requests in repository yast-add-on:
- Merge SLE-12-SP4 into SLE-15-GA (16 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-apparmor:
- Process profile change only if we have it selected (62 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-bootloader:
- [no merge] More logging sle12 (58 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-country:
- Keyboard rewrite: Add rubocop (92 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: Test keyboard layout before change it (93 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: Change keyboard layout (93 days)

- Keyboard rewrite: Load keyboard layouts (93 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-installation:
- Sp4 merge (78 days)

- Bringing back sidebar (6 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-network:
- Malformed udev rules: merge into SP4 (20 days)

- [WIP] AutoYaST change the way the profile is intepreted (62 days)

- [RFC] Udev rule preparations (63 days)

- Fixed Internal Error on 'yast remote allow set=yes' (62 days)

- [WIP] Stop systemd socket associated services and ask for installing
firewalld service definition (115 days)

- [WIP] Drop replace direct access to LanItems::Items whenever it is
possible. (86 days)

Pending requests in repository yast-proxy:
- Replace novell sites by SUSE ones for testing (bsc#1100366) (41 days)

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