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[yast-devel] Yast FATE entries in openSUSE
Hello all,

board discussed the state of FATE entries we have in openSUSE and
decided to cleanup the slate to keep only those that are reasonable and
doable within decent time frame. As such I am closing bunch of entries
and while doing so I noticed loads of FATE entries on Yast.

Could you guys please check the following list and shortly evaluate

Something along lines of "good idea - doable, ok but resource hog,
completely crazy,..." (also for the last ones even feel free to close
them right away :P).

307255 Less scary yast conflict dialogs
302047 Integrated package searching for YaST and build service
312191 Driver management YaST module
310151 YAST Software Manager-Search also in openSUSE Build
322297 Yast2 working in wayland
311288 Add YAST feature to remove application settings
310913 Add YAST module to set up multiseat installations
307746 Yast2-UI to mount remote Samba/Windows/CIFS-shares
306315 Improve PK/zypper/YaST Big Lock
314975 Enhanced YaST--> Boot Loader Tool
314624 Re-implement the Section Management tab in YAST - Boot
Loader for grub2
308765 Provide import/export of repositories list from YaST
318356 Add firewalld and YaST support to openSUSE
309296 YaST2-software manager : Add "Action after Installation"
317856 UEFI bootloader support in YaST-bootloader
311338 YaST debconf Module
316842 grub2 configuration in Yast2
312690 YaST Software Management -- Install from cache
310609 Yast2 log search
309838 Add a set of favourite modules in YaST control centre
322073 yast should not override ip_forward setting
321731 Yast2: add run on battery option for cron-update
322055 Safe installation mode
319717 yast-btrfs-maintainance module (conception)
320873 [R] Remove copy_to_system from control.xml and AutoYaST
318771 Unified UI for modules managing services


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