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[yast-devel] openSUSE Conference 2017 report - the official content
As speaker:

# Develop a YaST module in the 21st century way

It was a very specific topic and, as a result, it was not the most
attended workshop ever. But focusing on the relevance instead of the
quantity, I'm happy because the people there was the right one - those
who work on YaST modules maintained out of the YaST team itself. It was
a nice opportunity to explain them where do we want to go and the
techniques we are trying to adopt, to train them a little bit in RSpec,
to listen to their complains, etc. It was worth it, I would say. See
Josef's mail for more concrete feedback.

# YaST: from the repository to the distributions

I tried to give a full overview in just 15 minutes. I would say most
people got the overall idea. We even got requests from modules (not
maintained by the YaST team) to adhere to the same workflow. So, as the
workshop, this was useful to sync the team and other YaST developers out

A attendee:

# Limux: the loss of a lighthouse

Quite interesting insights from someone very involved in all the
politics around the adoption of free/propietary software in the public
administration. Tagline: don't focus too much on the success/failure of
Limux (the Munich initiative), there are plenty of other success/failure
stories in administrations all around the globe.

# How openQA works

Bad schedule from my POV. The talk was focused on implementation details
of openQA. It should have not been the first openQA-related talk in the
event. Discussing about the algorithm used to recognize needles is of
course interesting, but probably distracted people from other openQA
topics that are more relevant for the openSUSE project.

# openQA Developer and User Meeting

Actually a Q&A session for the previous talk. Too focused on
image-matching and stuff like that and too little on many other more
important aspects (IMHO). As said, I would blame the schedule for that.

# OBS - Development Roadmap

Interesting view on the new and future features of OBS. Specially the
kiwi-powered customization options for images, allowing to use previous
images as starting point with a gallery-style selection page. Looks like
OBS is getting ready to become a full replacement for SUSE Studio. In my
opinion, the speakers could have sold that better, but they were simply
too fast.

# Moving beyond infrastructure as code

Too ambiguous talk, in my humble opinion. Historic background to
highlight the fact that now we deploy more application and services at a
faster pace (the usual pets vs cattle metaphor). Much else could have
been told in one hour of talk.

# Adding Salt to AutoYaST

Quite good and down-to-earth presentation (in contrast with the previous
one) from Imo, including nice demos. Definitely YaST2-cm looks like the
way to go for YaST in this new DevOps-centric world.

# Open Source projects and product management

A good summary of many of the problems that a product manager can face
when working with open source projects... but not a single idea on how
to tackle those problems.

# YaST News

Very good summary from Josef about the last year of YaST activity. Kind
of a summary of the blog posts we publish regularly. It worked very
well, I would say.

# Next generation storage for YaST

Another YaST presentation that worked very well. Everybody got a clear
idea on why are we rewriting libstorage and how the new library is
designed. Worth watching before diving into storage-ng.

# Coloring IT Students green

Nice introduction to the SUSE Academics program. The speaker did a great
job and clarified many points about it. Still, he got a lot of questions
at the end, which shows many people find the program to be interesting
and exciting. It was kind of surprising to know that there are no plans
from SUSE to promote the program. Still, I plan to forward the
information (and the recorded talk) to some Canary organizations.

# openSUSE mentoring status update

Great summary from Christian about Google Summer of Code and other
programs in which openSUSE is involved, although I missed the beginning
of the talk (checkout at the hotel, etc.)

# openSUSE Legal Review Process

It's hard to imagine how painful is the work of those taking care of
legal review in a Linux distribution. Coolo provided a very interesting
description of the problem with "funny" examples and presented the tools
and mechanisms that are used in openSUSE to deal with it. Surprisingly,
the main tool is still not open source, but they are working to fix that.

# openSUSE Heroes fighting the villains

Nice and dynamic overview on all the work done and planned in the
openSUSE infrastructure. The fact that Theo mentioned me several times
made me realize that there are still quite some pieces depending on me
or on my knowledge... which is not good news for me or the project.

# Annual meeting with the openSUSE Board

Not big news or revelations this year. Basically that next openSUSE
conference will be in Prague.

Those were all the talks I managed to attend. I used most of my time to
hang out with people. There will be a separate mail about that.

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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