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[yast-devel] openSUSE Conference '17 report
  • From: Imobach González Sosa <igonzalezsosa@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 May 2017 10:31:41 +0100
  • Message-id: <2849420.gEiLVj4sOt@imo-laptop>
Hi all,

These are my impresions about some talks during the openSUSE Conference '17.
If you are interested in any talk, check them in
conference/oSC17/schedule where you can find videos and slides for many of

## Technical Writing for Non-Writers

Really interesting workshop by Tanja Roth about writing technical stuff.

In the final part of the workshop, we were working on a text[1] in order to
improve it. As Tanja commented, there's no single right solution, so she just
proposed one[2]. I will try to find out where the slides are available, as
this talk was not recorded.


## openSUSE Kubic

A presentation about the new openSUSE Kubic product (based on CaaSP). We
already had some ideas about the project, so it was a nice talk to have a
better overview of what is going on there.

## Bridging openSUSE and SLE gap

This one was a follow-up by Frederic Crozat of another talk from previous oSC
edition about syncing GNOME in openSUSE and SLE trying to use the same SRPMS.

A lot of collaboration was needed to solve some issues like integration
changelogs from openSUSE and SLE in order to not loose any valuable
information (CVE/FATE/BSC numbers).

I would expect another similar talk for next year with some updates.

## Transactional updates with Btrfs

Thorsten Kukuk presented a tool to perform transactional updates with Btrfs.
The tool was already presented in mailing lists and it is available in

This tool allows you to perform atomic system updates without interferring
with the running system and allowing to rollback if something was wrong.

There are still some rough edges, but it looks promising.

## Moving Beyond Infrastructure as Code

This talk from Thomas Hatch (SaltStack, Inc.) was pretty interesting. But, to
be honest, sometimes it was too abstract stuff for me.

## YaST: from the repository to the distribution

Ancor presented how the YaST code goes from the repositories on Github to the
final products. Usual stuff: Travis, Jenkins, OBS... presented in a straigth-
forward and clear way.

## Open Source Projects and Product Management - Need, Pain or Useless?

This talk opened some interesting questions about product management in open
source products. I was really interested because, with Jangouts, we face some
problems in that area. However, the questions were not answered at all and I
missed some discussion about them.

## YaST News: Summary of the last year

Nice presentation by Josef summarizing what we have done during this year.
Kudos to the team because we have done a lot of pretty interesting things :)

## Next Generation Storage for YaST

Arvin talked about the new storage layer. It was a pretty good presentation
that helped me to understand some of the ideas behind the new design and which
advantages it will bring to YaST.

## Coloring IT Students Green

Emiel Brok talked about the "SUSE Academic Program". It looks like an
interesting tool to introduce SUSE product on academic institutions. As you
may know, we are in contact we few of them, so we'll try to move it forward.

## openSUSE Legal Review Process

Stephan Kulow presentation was about Licencing Hell and how they are trying to
improve the situation. He talked briefly about licenses, challenges we face
and presented a tool they're developing/using for that (called CAVIL).

## The Atom Editor

Ladislav presented Atom in a nice way and convinced me to give it a try :) It
looks like an easy to hack editor, so I would like to have a deeper lock into


Imobach González Sosa
YaST team at SUSE LINUX GmbH
Twitter: @imobachgs
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