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Re: [yast-devel] Proposal for new desktop dialog in installation
On 09.02.2017 10:04, Josef Reidinger wrote:
Hi Ken, Ludwig, YaST Hackers,
I work on providing new desktop selection dialog in installation
according to . So after some
tweaking and thinking I reuse roles dialog same as we had in SLES, just
with desktop selection.

You can see result in ( screenshots
and videos ). What do you think about it? I welcome any feedback. I add
there to comparison also old work-flow where is one screen with online
repos which we currently integrate in desktop selection.

This discussion has been going in circles since at least 15 years. Most of the time, people thought it's a good idea to keep the concepts apart; server vs. workstation is a different concept than desktop selection (stretching the concept by including text mode there).

At some point in the past, the system roles involved into the software patterns. And I bet this will be the next thing that will be added little by little in that now redesigned dialog because there are different kinds of servers.

I'd avoid going down that road. It does not lead anywhere.

Desktop selection vs. system roles are completely orthogonal concepts. Mixing that up in this dialog will (not "might", definitely "will") cause wrong expectations. I am aware that right now it's just a wording issue, but we had that in the past, and this did spin off into a completely unexpected direction in the past just because of similar unlucky wording.

I would also avoid having that "add repos" thing there; it opens yet another completely different topic which does not belong there. Doing something like that in any follow-up dialog when somebody selects "other" is legitimate, but in this dialog it's very much misplaced.

Kind regards
Stefan Hundhammer <shundhammer@xxxxxxx>
YaST Developer

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