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[yast-devel] new features of ruby bindings
Hi developers,
I would like to inform you about new features in yast2-ruby-bindings
for TW and SP3.

- dropped call Yast.add_module_path and Yast.add_include_path as
recommended way is to use Y2DIR.

- all Yast::SCR and Yast::WFM calls which accept path as first argument
can now use string instead of path. So for example instead of

SCR.Execute(path(".target.bash_output"), "/bin/true")

you can write

SCR.Execute(".target.bash_putput", "/bin/true")

- SCR and WFM is also more strict about type passed as first argument
when path is expected. Now if you pass non-path and non-string
argument where path is expected, it will raise exception. Including
passing `nil` there.

- class creation shortcuts like path, term or fun_ref is now accesible
also via Yast global namespace like
Yast.path(".target.bash_output") . This will help libraries which do
not live in Yast namespace and do not want to include all its stuff.

- class creation for path now accept also path. It is similar to Array
usage. It also check its argument if it is correct. so
path(".target.bash") and path(path(".target.bash")) is same. It is
useful when not sure if argument is path or string and want support
both. path(nil) will raise argument error same as e.g. path(1).

I hope you find new features useful.

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