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[yast-devel] more helpful error message (was: Re: [opensuse-factory] Leap 42.2 RC2 says internal ruby error on install)

I'd like to propose a small, but IMHO important improvement:

Am Donnerstag, 10. November 2016, 02:48:48 CET schrieb Carlos E. R.:


Internal error. Please report a bug report with logs.
Details: Unknown udev device /dev/disk/by-label/msdos.
Caller: /usr/share/YaST2/lib/bootloader/udev_mapping.rb:33:in

Start the Ruby debugger now and debug the issue? (Experts only)!)

[Yes] No

Instructions? I have the laptop stopped at that point and waiting.

Logs? It is a ramdisk. Not that simple, but I can try if I can mount a
partition. I suppose you want the /var/log/ - wait, it would be
systemd journal? Or YaST logs?

What logs exactly do you want? Only the install ramdisk is available
for commands.

It is not obvious for "normal users" [1] which logs are needed.

Please change the error message so that it contains a hint about
save_y2logs, for example:


Internal error. Please report a bug report with logs.
Run "save_y2logs" to collect the needed logfiles. <---- add this
Details: [...]

This one-line addition will make it easier for users and give you better

Bonus points if you also add the bugzilla URL ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] Based on this definition (and after reporting several YaST bugs in
the past, and even somewhat understanding the YaST log format),
I probably don't count as "normal user" anymore ;-)
For Linux an additional file permission should be invented:
Stooge-Hidden. You set this permission on every file that average user
does not understand. The flag does hide the file from the average user,
because otherwise average user will cry at you for multiple weeks if
they see the file, which might start to become pretty annoying.
[Robert Schiele in opensuse-factory]

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