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[yast-devel] services and checks unification for yast modules
in last year we play a lot with different services and various
automatic checks for yast modules. I think it make sense that we after
SP2 and 42.2 branching start looking and discussing, what is useful,
what not and what is promissing.
Ideally if something is useful, then use it everywhere, if something is
not useful, then remove POC and if something is promising, then try to
invest time in its POC.
Reason why I mention it is, that I face it in last days few times, e.g.
that some modules do not use rubocop, so when I call rubocop
--auto-correct it basically destroy my changes, some modules do not
have spellchecker, so when we update in one module, it
pass, but in other modules it cause crash as osc vc do not pass
So I think we can start with discussion what is useful, what not now,
even before branching, so we can make conclusion and start working on
it. I will write down all projects I am aware of together with its POC
to see how it works. Feel free to react to any project how you see it
or add project if I forget any.


travis build - - currently used
only for ruby modules and in other projects in other languages

jenkins build for pull requests - -
currently only in few yast modules

coveralls - -
currently in few yast modules, do not support c++

codecov -
and -
currently only POC for bootloader and libstorage-ng

codeclimate - -
currently for few yast modules and other ruby projects, do not support

codacy -
- similar to codeclimate, only POC for bootloader, can integrate test
coverage, comment pull requests

inch - - checker for
documentation coverage, currently used only in yast2-registration

pullreview -
- sends mails to lslezak, currently only used in yast2-registration

rubylint - - checker for
errors in ruby, currently only POC

rubocop - -
currently used in many yast modules, but not all

spellchecking - -
currently in few yast modules

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