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Re: [yast-devel] Add-on installation on SLES12 SP2
Hi Suresh,

Dne 5.8.2016 v 07:22 Suresh K Hosamani napsal(a):

Is it ok to introduce second stage for OES configuration ? or do the OES
configuration in first stage itself ?

If you really need the second stage then it is OK to add it and use it.
But if you could configure OES from the first stage then it should be preferred.

The advantages of the first stage config are:

- the configuration is done in a single run, that's convenient for users
and compatible with plain SLES

- you do not need to boot the installed system, this makes preparing
disk images easier

- allows smaller system footprint, it allows installing a minimal system even
without YaST included


- the inst-sys (or the y2update.tgz in your case) needs to contain all needed
configuration tools and scripts, if you need to run some big programs
to configure OES the inst-sys might become too big and might not work with
minimal hardware (512MB RAM for SLES, I do not know the OES minimal

- be careful when running external tools or writing to files, the target system
is mounted at /mnt not at / (if you use YaST SCR it works transparently)

- a bit more difficult development and debugging [1], developing and testing in
inst-sys is more complex, a virtual machine helps a lot

So in my opinion if you do not need to run big tools or something very tricky
I'd prefer the first stage configuration.


[1] But now we have a debugger in SP2, see


Ladislav Slezák
YaST Developer
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