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[yast-devel] My opensuse conference report
last week I visit opensuse conference and I would like to share with
others my report about it. It is influenced that I am part of YaST
team, so there is my biggest interest. In general conference was well
organized and well attented, thanks to everyone involved.

There are a lot of talks about closing gap and more sharing between
openSUSE and SLE. It does not affect too much YaST as we already have
same code in SLE and openSUSE, but it will help us with easier handling
of underlaying software.

Visited also talk about reproducible builds[4]. Very interesting talk
and I agree with a lot of stuff there, just for some decisions made I
cannot agree. Like not having builtinfo as part of deb/rpm. Only
problematic part is whole stuff checksum and it can be distributed as
we have now as separate file. Will plan to look from record Bernards
talk about this topic to see what is a plans in opensuse.

Also see Flavio presentation about docker orchestrating and as usual
for Flavio's talks I learn a lot of new stuff, I am not aware before.

On friday was GSoC meeting with organizers, students and other mentors.
Nice sharing of experience and ideas. In general I feel we do quite
good job in GSoC. Daily status reports helps and also code reviews is
nice way for students to learn something new, even they feel a bit
strange at the beggining.

Then there is some ARM presentation and especially UEFI grub2 on
raspberry Pi by agraf is important for me to summarize how exactly arm
people do this, so hopefully there will be less problems with arm in

This day was also discussion about yast directory structure, which
report is send to yast2-devel. One interesting idea is to install
src/lib directory to ruby vendor dir to make even more easier to use it
from irb or cli.

On friday is also good kde plasma porting to wayland talk.
Interesting that biggest motivation and benefit is
better testability and test coverage. So it is easier to kde people to
avoid regressions and ensure that code works as they expected.

I also discuss there with Christian Boltz future of yast2-apparmor and
what API we can use for communication between yast and apparmor. It
looks like in the end it will be json and we agreed that Christian send
me patch or modified package, when there is something we can start with.

I also met with Howard Guo and we discuss UI of yast2-auth-client.
There is quite a lot of improvements, so I suggest everyone to try
it on opensuse TW or in the latest beta of SP2. I also connect Howard
with Martin Caj who use this module and plan to write new workstation
setup using this module for doing setup. So Martin will try new module
and provide feedback to Howard about its usability.

On saturday there is good opening key note from Michael Miller and then
there is quite controversial talk from Richard [3] against using Devel
repos for users. I think in the end there is some disagreement, but it
bring my attention to two ideas:

1) improve one click install - already done as part of GSoC, but for
prototyping I will probably try some quick module in ruby to test few
new approaches in this area

2) play a bit with dud and repository priorities, as I think if one
click install add repos with low priority, it should avoid surprises
when using zypper dup

I also have two presentations on saturday. First one[1] was about
Cheetah and was quite successfull. I convince few people to give it a
try, so hopefully its user base will increase.

The second one[2] about CFA was weaker. I was too much affected by scr
pains, but audience not, so many benefits I present are not so strong
arguments or not easy to understand. Next time I will talk more about
nicer augeas api, boolean value wrapper and show simple examples of
usage instead of yast2-bootloader code.

On sunday there is a talk about open mainframe aliance[5] and one of
results is that IBM would like to have opensuse for s390. After talk I
talk with speaker if there is schedule for such enablement as it will
probably need some cooperation with and help from yast team, but there
is no schedule yet, so we will see when it comes. Hopefully it should
not be so big pain, as in SLE we already have installer for s390, so
probably just opensuse need some product tweaking.

Final opensuse project meeting was interesting and for me the biggest
impact is that we should more spread info about projects done under
openSUSE umbrella as noone else will do it for us :)

So thats all, thanks for reading it and hopefully see you next year on
opensuse conference.


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