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[yast-devel] Ruby Call Graph

# Call Graph

This makes a call graph among methods of a single Ruby file.

I made it to help me orient myself in unfamiliar legacy code and to
help identify cohesive parts that could be split out.

Yes, it is quick and dirty.

## Requirements

- [parser gem](
- [Graphviz](

## License


## Example

[One file in YaST][p-rb] has around 2700 lines and 73 methods. The
call graph below was made with
$ ./call-graph ../yast/packager/src/modules/Packages.rb
$ dot -Tpng -oPackages.png ../yast/packager/src/modules/

If the resulting size is too big, use ImageMagick:
$ convert Packages.png -resize 1200 Packages-small.png


an example

Martin Vidner, YaST Team

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