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[yast-devel][a11y][u9y] video mode/text size control at installation
Where's YaST's "knob" for making screen text bigger during installation? F3
is useless for the GUI.

One size does not and cannot fit all!!! Native video mode may be best from a
designer perspective, but for many people, results from native just aren't
usable. Some people need bigger screen objects, and are aware lowering
resolution is a way to get what they need.

Is relatively complete? If there's
anything there directing the installer to use a particular video mode, I'm
missing it. Strings "video" and "driver" are both absent.

As I virtually always install using HTTP started from Grub, which
preconfigures host and netcfg, any more I have minimal familiarity with
what's in the DVD's menu WRT F3 video, which is why I went to that web page
looking. I often go there for other reasons. Also because of the absent
familiarity, I did several NET initializations to take screenshots, to make
sure my eyes weren't deceiving me:

all @

All are at the display's EDID native mode, not the cmdline video= specified
mode. Apparently that desired mode is only utilized by the vttys, not Xorg's
modesetting driver:
all @

TW doesn't appear to work any differently:

Those are all on Intel gfx, but results are same with ATI:

Must the GUI use the modesetting video driver instead of an Intel, Radeon or
Nouveau driver? Xorg by default picks up specified video= from kernel, which
gets it via cmdline, and uses it for users of the Intel driver.

Do I need to file a BOO bug to get the modesetting driver to pick up and use
video= from the installation kernel's cmdline? I didn't find any on point.
Maybe because of last paragraphs on
one will already have been filed by someone else by Monday AM. Those with
3840x2160 or other high density screens are apparently in big trouble trying
to install.
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