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Re: [yast-devel] Feedback needed: users screen
On 21.1.2016 09:19, Ancor Gonzalez Sosa wrote:
After getting some bug reports about usability of the "create user"
screen during installation we have decided to do something about it...
but it's not so easy.

The current status

Here you can see the current screen.
There is quite some functionality hidden there:

A) You can select the password encryption method
(clicking on "Change...")

B) You can select one of only one of these options:

B.1) Create a user

B.2) Skip user creation
(Leaving the form blank and clicking "Next", a confirmation
popup will be displayed "This only makes sense in environments
with an authentication service. Are you sure?")

Which has been already questioned by actual users that this might not be
100% true.

B.3) Import users from a previous installation.
(Clicking on "Change..." and then checking the corresponding
checkbox -only visible if users are detected- under the
section "authentication method")

B.3 is so well hidden that I wouldn't be surprised if nobody uses it or
if the feature is full of bugs.

Yes, it actually contains some bugs. Not reported yet.

Last but not least, the dialog exposes a feature that is not there. The
summary suggest that you can change the authentication method, but the
only supported option is "local /etc/password". The option is there only
to display B.3 (tricky!!).

In fact, it's another trick :) It should tell you that the new user can
be only local (obviously) and no other authentication method is
available. It's a magic trick, but not done very well.

My proposal

First of all, I'd move (A) to the final installation summary screen,
where we already have things like installing the bootloader on MBR or
disabling the firewall, configuring hardware and so on. It's one of
those advanced settings that most users will not touch.

Or it could be next to root password, users always have to set it anyway.

About B, that's how the proposal would look like...
...if no previous users were detected
...if a partition with users is detected

Yes, it matches expectations in a way that only what is possible should
be offered.

What if you choose to read user data? (BTW, Import, instead of read?)
How do you want to present list of users or at least the number of
imported users?

Hopefully, everything is self-explanatory with this approach. The
problem is that the last screenshot looks too crowded (maybe too much
for same verbose languages). But I not sure if I like the alternatives
we discussed in irc:

Yes, translation of description for Skip User Creation might be too long.

- Tabs are discouraged (if not forbidden) in the installer

I Agree

- Displaying a pop-up and/or an additional previous step for importing
users if they are detected can be tricky when going backwards and
doesn't provide such a good overview about the 3 options.

Just make sure that while going back, the correct option is still
selected and user knows what will happen.

I need to hear (read) more opinions... and I want to fix it this week.
So let's keep the conversation realistic :-)



Lukas Ocilka, Systems Management (Yast) Team Leader
SLE Department, SUSE Linux
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