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Re: [yast-devel] DVD/offline 13.2 upgrade 32 bit to 64 not suitable for lean installations
On 18.11.2015 08:09, Felix Miata wrote:
Is there a way at installation time to set solver.onlyRequires = true and
installRecommends = no, or some equivalent to them? I didn't notice any on

Linuxrc is nor an Installer. There is a new feature implemented in
openSUSE Leap 42.1: Possibility to install
with "no recommends"

This is a proposal for release notes from Martin:

--- cut ---
Recommended packages (weak dependencies)

YaST Qt packager UI no longer defaults to installing recommended
packages for already installed packages. The persistent option
controlling this was moved to a one-time command Extras/Install All
Matching Recommended Packages. (boo#902394)

For newly installed packages, the weak dependencies are still installed
by default, but newly this can be disabled in the UI with the option
Dependencies/Install Recommended Packages (boo#900853).

The YaST Qt packager UI is also using the same configuration file as the
ncurses packager UI: /etc/sysconfig/yast2 (boo#900853).
--- cut ---

Is there a way to get the installer to use the local time config (local
instead of UCT) during an upgrade installation? The logs all show timestamps
late by 5 hours.

You can set the time/ntp in Timezone dialog. I don't know about anything


PS: Martin, looks like a good opportunity for a blog post.


Lukas Ocilka, Systems Management (Yast) Team Leader
SLE Department, SUSE Linux
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