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Re: [yast-devel] Branches for Leap
Dne 5.11.2015 v 08:36 Ancor Gonzalez Sosa napsal(a):
First day after Leap release, first day after branching SP1... first doubt.

We have assumed that the "Leap team" will take care of making sure that our
for SP1 end in 42.1 as well. In that perfect world we only commit to two
on the repo (master and SLE-12-SP1). We submit stuff from master to Factory
SP2:GA and stuff from SLE-12-SP1 to SP1:GA or SP1:Update.

But there are corner cases, sometimes we need to fix something that only
Leap. The most obvious example is a YaST package that is only in openSUSE but
in SLE (not 100% of the YaST Leap packages come from SLE). Like this bug.

Just nitpicking: this is a wrong example, yast2-control-center-qt actually
*is* in SLE12:

# zypper se -s yast2-control-center-qt
Refreshing service 'SUSE_Linux_Enterprise_Server_12_SP1_x86_64'.
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...

S | Name | Type | Version | Arch | Repository
| yast2-control-center-qt | package | 3.1.3-1.15 | x86_64 | SLES12-SP1-Pool
| yast2-control-center-qt | package | 3.1.3-1.15 | x86_64 | SLES12-SP1-12.1-0

It's just not installed by default (yast2-control-center-gnome is).

The correct example would be yast2-fonts package. Is there any other openSUSE

To me, it looks like we also need an openSUSE-42_1 branch in the
yast-control-center repo and maybe in some others. We can create them on
since there is no automation involved and we probably need to check from
commit branch in a case by case basis.


I hope packages coming from TW to be the only corner case for Leap. For bugs
the SLE-12-SP1 branch that only affects Leap I hope the SLE (maintenance)
will allow us to commit the fixes there and release maintenance updates as
long as
we don't break SLE in the process, even if they don't fix any real SLE issue.

To simplify the process we should put the Leap fixes also to SLE and release
when a real SLE bug fix is needed. It won't harm SLE, but will make it much
for us...


Best Regards

Ladislav Slez√°k
Yast Developer
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