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Re: [yast-devel] new translation server and YaST
Dne 13.10.2015 v 16:42 Lukas Ocilka napsal(a):
> On 13.10.2015 09:40, Josef Reidinger wrote:
>>> The only work on developers side is (in the current version) updating
>>> of po files against the latest pot and pushing it to the git repo.
>>> (And even it can be automatized in future.)
>> This is also what we do for svn, so I do not see difference.
> Someone still needs to run `create pot file for $this repository`, but
> this can be automated quite "easily", for instance, in Jenkins.
Yes, it is already part of many automated tasks, even a part of make dist of many projects, "make update-po" target etc.

Now you will not need to pick pot, submit it elsewhere, then check and submit translations back.

And the best thing: New po files will appear in the git repo as soon as translator completes it.

> I already have a script that can generate all pot files for all Yast
> repositories at once, also considering that not all Yast repositories
> need to have the "latest" branch, especially SLE 11 might have, e.g.
> only `SP2` branch, and nothing "younger".

Yes, YaST already maintains this in scripts. Problems appear especially outside YaST, where nobody picks translations back for years.

>>> 1) Decide how YaST will manipulate with po files. Currently all po
>>> files for all repositories reside in a single repository (and later
>>> in a single package). It was useful in time of manual downloads and
>>> uploads, where no -lang package merging was implemented. Now it will
>>> complicate fully automatic work flow, as pot files needs to be
>>> transferred across repositories (at least until somebody invents a
>>> robot for it).
>> YaST just generate pot files and upload to svn. Then it is up to ke how
>> it is proceed further.
> Yes, but IIUC - now these translations are expected to be pushed to Yast
> repositories automagically from the server, which is actually no way
> from my POV. Currently, there are no pot/mo/whatever files in Yast repos.

Weblate operates on po files. It does not care (yet) about pot.

It just expects that po files are processed by msgmerge (ideally with --previous) after string changes.

Weblate can work with both models:
- many po files in different translation domains in one repo
- many repos with one translation domain

>> I do not expect that developers will review translations.
> Agree

Arvin mentioned that there are some special cases:

That is not entirely true. I had wrong translations break the
testsuite, e.g. "kB" translated as "KB". Also when "kB" was first
translated as "ko" in French the testsuite had to be adopted.

> +1 but Code Review process is currently mandatory for ALL YAST REPOS.

Weblate will never push any code changes. (With possible future exception of ALL_LINGUAS line in

>>> Third way is manual pulling from the Weblate on request. I would
>>> avoid this as much as possible. If you update po files in GitHub, you
>>> will get conflict, and problem would need manual git merge.
>> YaST team in general do not care about translations, just fixing
>> non-translatable strings and similar issues.
> And I would like this to keep the same. But what would be actually
> acceptable (for me) is to create ${yast_module}-translation repository
> anywhere at GitHub (be it under SUSE/openSUSE/yast) for every single
> Yast repository ... or even one repository yast-translations.

It depends on your decision.

po files inside source repos are the most straightforward, but many other options exist, as long as you can easily automate the process from update-po to release.

>>> Steps that need to be done on import to Weblate:
>>> 3. These translations will be pushed to GitHub (one shot).
> You might want to keep the history, in this case, my team might still
> have some tools for SVN2GIT conversion...

Git keeps the history, and it is the only history that is kept.

Translations cannot run on more places at once. Conflicts happen.

>>> 5. opensuse-i18n robot will be allowed to push to your project (not
>>> needed in case of pull requests)
> Yes, if we talk about a special repository for translations with special
> rules: no review needed.

However the robot has a theoretical privilege to commit code to GIT, it will never do. Weblate allows users only editing po files and nothing else (well, in future also LINGUAS* and ALL_LINGUAS line in Eventual hack of Weblate server would be easily detectable in the git log.

Best Regards / S pozdravem,

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