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Re: [yast-devel] Services UI strikes back

Am Montag, 4. Mai 2015 schrieb Jiri Srain:
On 05/04/2015 10:21 AM, Lukas Ocilka wrote:
On 2.5.2015 11:38, Christian Boltz wrote:
after the discussion we just had at the YaST workshop, here's my
proposal ("written" in GIMP ;-) - see the attached screenshot.

I like the proposal.


- Start/Stop and Enable/Disable are on the same screen
- Even save, but do not exit - is there

What is still a bit weir is

"Currently" which is IMO "Current status" or something similar

I was too lazy to push around letters in GIMP - but if this is the only
problem in my proposal, I'm more than happy ;-)

I have a different issue (but maybe it can be solved by wording): If a
service is running now and I want it to be stopped when the module
finishes, how will I do it? It sounds like the only way is to stop
the service and then finish the module, but it cannot be achieved via
setting the check boxes...

See Josef's mail - this is possible by clicking "stop now" - and I'd
really be interested why you want to stop a service after changing its

(This somehow reminds me to one of my commit messages for AppArmor -
"now that function xy was fixed, drop it" ;-)

I'd guess this is a rare usecase, and by moving the support for it to
the "stop now" button I was able to make the dialog much more usable and
easier to understand.

Oh, and don't forget to re-add the LDAP checkbox somewhere ;-)

Yes, that's the problem, where to put it? Alone? If we create
screen, LDAP check-box would be there alone. So, maybe also move
firewall there too? On the other hand, moving firewall elsewhere
would move it also from the obvious place where I'd expect it.

Please keep the firewall settings on the start now/on boot page - it
makes most sense there.

And yes, the LDAP checkbox might end up on a separate page with nothing
else. This doesn't hurt IMHO because it's a totally different setting.

IIRC the "basic options" page is already crowded - otherwise this would
have been a possible place for the LDAP checkbox.

To fix that problem, we might need to always check whether the
service would be reachable (firewall stopped or port opened) before
saving the configuration and maybe asking user to confirm that?

Good question ;-) Basically it's a good idea, but there might also be
people who set up a nameserver just for usage from localhost, and those
people would be annoyed by the confirmation popup.

BTW, side note: Firewall is disabled doesn't help the user to
understand that they can't open a port in disabled firewall. Just
changing the label to be more informative might help.



Christian Boltz
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