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Re: [yast-devel] Services UI strikes back

after the discussion we just had at the YaST workshop, here's my
proposal ("written" in GIMP ;-) - see the attached screenshot.

I removed two things:
- the "[ ] LDAP support active" checkbox - should go to another screen
- After saving the config "( ) stop the service" - that's an unrealistic
usecase IMHO (if you want to stop the service, you typically don't
care about the config ;-)

The second change also means that we can replace the radio buttons with
a checkbox
[x] Reload/restart the service after saving settings
which should be enabled by default.

This gives us enough space to keep the firewall settings on the same
page - but if you really, really want, you can also move it to another

Oh, and don't forget to re-add the LDAP checkbox somewhere ;-)


Christian Boltz
"Never surf faster, than your guardian penguin can fly!"
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