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Re: [yast-devel] Services UI, a different approach
On 9.3.2015 13:33, Johannes Meixner wrote:
In any case, an inexperienced user should, in most cases,
not be starting a web server or other complex service.

Unfortunately I used an existing service name for my example
which leads to misunderstanding.

I rephrase what I was thinking about:
When an unexperienced user reads in whatever documentation
that he must for example "start foo", then YaST should
provide a user interface, where even an unexperienced user
can find something that matches his intent to "start foo"
where YaST does everything so that the "foo" thingy works.

Purpose of Yast is to make complex things simpler. Yast can't support "all features" that are supported by the underlying library / service.

The famous 80/20 rule says that 20% of features do 80% of the job. Or that 80% of users will be happy with 20% of all available features. For that reason, we just have to simplify and let the other 20% of users do what they need manually.

There is no way to make an interface for highly complex
processes that is simple enough for an inexperienced user
without expecting too much of them or simplifying things
down, which in turn angers every other user.

A perfect reason to get rid of the YaST printer module
because printing is a highly complex process:

In fact, printing is one of the simplest things, and most of the users just want to install a driver for their printer, nothing else. They want to print, not to fine-tune or even understand everything they could. Most of the people buy a car to go from A to B, they don't want to find out which engine-oil or air-filter is the best.

I think this brings up a good topic: who is YaST made for?
From a SUSE perspective it is not the home/inexperienced user

From a pure SUSE perspective there is probably
no home/inexperienced user ( except they pay for SLE ;-)

What about an openSUSE perspective?

In general, this is easy: as mentioned above, Yast is here to make complex things simpler. Additionally, some Yast modules are usually not useful for most of the home users (like DHCP server), so they are more focused on experienced network administrators. This IMO has to be solved case by case and written in the project README.



Lukas Ocilka, Systems Management (Yast) Team Leader
SLE Department, SUSE Linux
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