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Re: [yast-devel] Brainstorming Sessions
  • From: Ancor Gonzalez Sosa <ancor@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2015 09:04:21 +0100
  • Message-id: <>
On 01/27/2015 03:59 PM, Lukas Ocilka wrote:

I've discussed this with some of you already. Anyway, for the rest...

The problem definition is this: We often have something we'd like to
discuss with others and get a quick response. At least I have these
quite often. Mailing-list works only partly as people have too much time
for their response and sometimes do not respond at all, so quick and
still good solution that could be made in 30 minutes takes two weeks.

There is a simple solution: Brainstorming - that's proven to bring fast
and good ideas (please, +1 if you are interested, -1 if not).

How to implement it with distributed team? We have plenty of
possibilities: phone conference (people only hear you and you can't
share your, e.g., drawings), video conference Orange/Rome (only
internal, e.g., Ancor can't join), G+ Hangout (some of you don't like
using Google), Internal web-based audio/video system (not tested by me).
Other ideas welcomed!

Google Hangout works like a charm. I use it every day with highly
distributed teams.
Drawback: the big brother.

We also have a SUSE internal instance of OpenMeetings at
Drawback: it requires Flash. Performance is not as good as Hangouts.

We could also install a Janus server and have something like this
I based my last Hackweek project[1] on Janus and we did some test calls
with pretty decent results. We would have full control on the UI (it's
just some javascript).
Drawback: we need a machine in NUE or PRG to host the server.

How this could work? I'd book some time in everyone's groupwise (1 hour
max per week) including a conference room with video system (if needed).
Then everyone could mention their theme on the weekly call or via
mailing-list and when will the brainstorming happen. Everyone could
decide whether to join (or not).

Would it help with your issues?

Yes, I think so.

It would definitely work for me. Would
it also work for you? Other ideas? How is this being done in other teams
or in other companies?

In the former openSUSE team we used Google Hangout in a quite
spontaneous way. We had (and still have) a fixed virtual room (actually
a hangout event planned for 2018) and we used the diary stand-up meeting
or IRC to coordinate meetings there whenever needed. It was the logical
and natural step after using the same room everyday for the stand-up



Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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