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Re: [yast-devel] Rubocop vs Zombies
Dne 12.12.2014 v 11:42 Martin Vidner napsal(a):
Today we have discussed how to go forward with these.

1. Port Zombie Killer to Rubocop. Rubocop is a well working platform matching
closely the aims and even the implementation of ZK.

Rubocop provides a nice framework, e.g. you can configure, enable/disable
each Cop (check) separately, you can run it in detection-only mode or in
autocorrection mode, etc... We do not need to reinvent the wheel
with ZK and we want to run rubocop checks anyway.

2. Apply it continuously. Unlike with the switch from YCP, there is no reason
wait for the Zombie Cop to be "complete". We want to implement small features
and apply them piece by piece.

The advantage is that we are not in hurry now (unlike with the YCP killer). We
kill zombies step-by-step, how time permits.

4. Package as a gem only. So far we do not see a need to build a RPM. The
package will run in Travis, not in OBS.

It is already published at
you can simply run "sudo gem install rubocop-yast" to install it.

If we find a reason to package it as RPM we can build it later, but I'd avoid
unnecessary work unless really needed...

6. Apply to individual repositores, not across all of YaST??
So we think it is more appropriate to apply the Zombie Cops (or any cops,
actually) only when touching a module for another reason. You will object that
it may result of many code changes, which is hard to review. But that is
by having separate cops for each kind of change, and applying them one per

how I did it in the registration module, each fix was done in a separate commit.


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