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Re: [yast-devel] YaST module for journalctl

Am Mittwoch, 19. November 2014 schrieb Ancor Gonzalez Sosa:
On 11/19/2014 03:15 PM, Josef Reidinger wrote:

I agree is too cluttered. Moving the filters to a dialog looks like a
good idea, but always combined with a sentence explaining the current
active filter. Something like:

Displaying log entries for all sources since system boot [Change...]

Maybe you can even make that sentence the user interface ;-)

Display log entries [ for all sources v] [ since system boot v]

so just include two dropdowns - the first one would have
- for all sources
- from file ... (open a file dialog when someone selects it)
- bar.service
- foo.service
- ... (one item for each unit)

The second dropdown would contain
- since system boot
- from previous boot
- a specific time range (selecting that opens a dialog to enter the
time range, and that range should then be displayed in the dropdown)

If you discuss this with an UI or UX expert, I'd be interested in his
opinions ;-)

and having almost all space for table with log entries, because it
is the most important information.

About that, there is something else I'm struggling with. For each log
entry we could also have a detailed version[1]. I'm not sure whether
display it in a dialog (when double-clicking in the table row) or
whether reserve some space in the interface below the table to display
details about the selected row (like we do in sw_single with the
packages). I prefer the first because it saves space for the list.

There's always a conflict between
a) "wasting" space that could be better used somewhere else and
b) forcing people to click a lot (click to open the details, another
click to close the detail view)

Personally, I prefer scrolling over clicking ;-) so I vote for having a
details area at the bottom of the window.

Maybe the best solution is to make the split between each area movable,
so that people who aren't interested in all details can make the details
area very small. Bonus points if the last size is remembered for the
next run ;-)

Oh, and for the main area - instead of displaying only the raw log
message, maybe you could already split it into columns and always
display the most interesting columns. Maybe something like


Bonus points if this list
- allows the user to add or remove columns
- remembers the selected columns and their width
- the column with date and time cuts away the date (and still displays
the time) if it isn't wide enough)

If you implement the columns in that flexible way, needing a click for
the "all details" view would be acceptable (or even superfluous ;-)

BTW coloring log entries according to its importance would be nice.

Maybe, but you don't want me to choose the colors :-)

Oh, that's simple - black for notices, red for warnings and red, bold
and blinking for errors ;-))


Christian Boltz
Die M$-Kombination aus Server2003+Exchange ist meiner Meinung nach
das einzig vernünftige Produkt von Billyboy.
Das muss der Grund sein, warum es bei Würmern und Trojanern so beliebt
ist. ["office" und Jens Benecke in suse-linux]

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