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Re: [yast-devel] Git Branches for openSUSE 13.2
On Wed, 5 Nov 2014 11:06:52 +0100
Martin Vidner <mvidner@xxxxxxx> wrote:


As I said in the team call, I want to avoid uncertainty and
inconsistencies, so please let's come to an agreement about Git
branches for openSUSE 13.2.

Branch Name


This is the only clear thing :)

Global or Individual

Do we want to make the branches globally in all repos at once, or
leave it to the individual maintainers?
I think that depends on how we want Jenkins and Travis to work,
which I don't know, see below.

For me it mostly depends how big load we expect, for some modules I
do not expect big load, so time spend on adaptation is waste as won't
be used at all.


Recall that for SLE 12 in IBS we have

- Devel:YaST:Head
- Devel:YaST:SLE-12

But in OBS we have always had just YaST:Head, with no dedicated
maintenance project.

OTOH the Jenkins jobs for Devel:YaST:SLE-12 are failing anyway (all
of them except 2) so how is this supposed to work??

It will work when GM will be released and I switch to correct bs branch
and install new osc that can handle this situation.


With the current setup,
Travis will build PRs to the openSUSE-13_2 branch with dependencies
from master which is wrong, giving false positives and false

I think it should be driven by travis_yml, so maybe we just need to
modify travis_yml to take packages from maintenance branch?

As I said for decision I think we need to see how much such branch will
be used. We can e.g. try to check how often we update branch for 13.1?

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