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[yast-devel] openQA development restarted
  • From: Ancor Gonzalez Sosa <ancor@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2014 13:30:04 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
Looks like some individuals and teams inside SUSE have coincidentally
decided to give a hand to openQA development in the following weeks. It
seems like a nice opportunity to put the focus into the things we miss
for Yast testing.

According to a meeting this morning, next goal will be to have openQA
running on different architectures. We expect Dinar Valeev to make it
run in POWER next week (shouldn't be a big deal). There are also chances
of Bernhard Wiedemann putting some effort into bringing the real
hardware (kvm2usb) support back.

Once we have tests for POWER running succesfully, the next big thing
would be aggregate the results of different architectures in just one
openQA webUI (right now, workers and webUI must share the filesystem,
which means a separate host with its webUI per architecture). The cheap
way would be some mechanism for exporting/importing results, so we
simply integrate the results of the POWER openQA into the main one. The
really good way would be having distributed workers with just one
central point for coordination and webUI. The former openSUSE team never
had enough time and manpower to do that and always considered this to be
a nice use case for SUSE's cloud technologies. Looks like now the Cloud
Team, Dinar and some people from QA are eager to help in that regard.

The goal of this mail is not only reporting what can we expect from the
nearest future, but to collect more ideas. According to our recent
thread about integration tests, we also want:

- VNC (already implemented, actually).
- Resurrect the OCR support.
- Use cloud for parallelism and snapshots (already considered, as
explained above).
- Tree of requirements/snapshots, with information how to get to every
- Improved debugging capabilities.

I'd say that most of them (if not all) are already in the openQA project
tracker. But there are way too many things there, so we need to rise the
relevant things up.

So, time for wish-listing :-)


PS.- Quite some time ago, I did for openQA the same we are doing now for
Yast, so if you are looking for a central piece of information about
openQA, visit the documentation section of the landing page at

Ancor González Sosa
openSUSE Team at SUSE Linux GmbH

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