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Re: [yast-devel] SLE12 GIT branch?
On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 08:53:49AM +0200, Ladislav Slezak wrote:
I'd like to start a discussion about creating the SLE12 branch in Git

The basic questions are:

- When should we create the branch? Do you need it already now?

Michal, Lada, and Lukas don't need it.

Pepa mentioned yast2-core, but more importantly yast2-bootloader:
openSUSE has a freeze before the SLE release!

- Should we create the branches globally or should we leave that on the

It's not that simple. I think that waiting for a global switch is
not possible because of openSUSE requirements, and leaving switches
to individuals means we end up with a mess.

Current policy, for all packages:

The internal Jenkins submits master to SLE12,
for all packages.

We should pick one or a couple of packages as pilots for the new

The internal Jenkins submits $BRANCH to SLE12,
and does not care(?) about master".

Then announce which packages are in the pilot, implement that, fix
bugs. Later, clearly communicate when other individual
packages adopt the policy as needed, and when all the rest do (SLE

What will the branch name be? I propose Code-12.
Martin Vidner, Cloud & Systems Management Team

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