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Re: [yast-devel] y2m use cases
On Mon, 24 Mar 2014 18:23:36 +0100
Roman Neuhauser <rneuhauser@xxxxxxx> wrote:


i've started dabbling in yast-meta (y2m), and i'm curious how much of
it i can remove without stepping on anyone's toes. :)

* do you use y2m?


* if you don't, why?
* if you do, how?

simple `y2m clone ALL`

* do you have multiple checkouts? how do you workaround y2m's
nominal non-support for this?

Yes, I have. I solve it by changing .y2m when I need new clone as I do
not use other options

* do you have different subsets of repositories in different

no, always all

* do you use the FAV feature? how?

no as I touch almost all modules if needed and also want grep it if


* do you have some use cases y2m does not support?
what would be welcome additions?

simple use case that for each clone do `git checkout master && git
pull` . Now I solving it using `for`
Also I miss generic support for do this for all modules. Useful e.g.
for mass changes or for mass add of maintenance branch.

Also filter for dropped modules will be nice ( quite easy to recognize
as it contain only and something .gitignore )


* do we need y2m at all? maybe a bunch of submodules or subtrees
in yast-meta would work even better?

I think we discuss it and it do not bring you enough flexibility and I
heard from many sides that git submodules sucks. Also it is not generic
enough as I want to checkout complete yast tree and not modify
yast-mass everytime we add repo.

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