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Re: [yast-devel] Tips for usage of <net-udev> in <networking> in autoyast.xml
On Fri, Jan 24, Freek de Kruijf wrote:

Op vrijdag 24 januari 2014 09:51:04 schreef Thomas Fehr:
This would be reasonable, but unfortunately it is not true in
general. My Development machine e.g. has only one network device but
the kernel names it eth1, not eth0:

It looks like you are using a VM.
I had the same problem when moving a virtual disk to another VM on another
machine, but the same would be true if you are using a new VM on the same
machine. The new VM will have a new MAC address defined on the host. This MAC
address will be compared in the VM with the MAC address already in the
configuration of eth0, when they differ a new device will be created, named
eth1. The configuration of eth0 will still be there, but does not have an
interface assigned.
In case you are certain that these two VMs will not be active at the same
on the same network, you can give, on the host, the network device the same
MAC address as it used earlier. In that case eth0 will be the active

Thanks very much for the explanation.

The original problem occurs indeed when dealing with multiple VMs started on
the same machine. Will check how to make sure different machines get different
mac addresses.

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