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Re: [yast-devel] Tips for usage of <net-udev> in <networking> in autoyast.xml
On Fri, Jan 24, Andrey Borzenkov wrote:

Thanks, that could possibly help.
Need to check if the pci-id is the same for both cases.

Nevertheless I had hopend for a more general mechanism
for renaming to be available.
Like: rename anything matching "eth*" to "eth0".

Since I definitely know there is only one network device
present this would be exactly what I need.

If there is only one interface, it will be named eth0 by default (if
you disable new persistent interface names of course). If you get
something else it implies you have more than one interface. I wonder
what the actual problem here is.

This would be reasonable, but unfortunately it is not true in
general. My Development machine e.g. has only one network device but
the kernel names it eth1, not eth0:

19: PCI 19.0: 0200 Ethernet controller
[Created at pci.319]
Unique ID: JNkJ.qqbXdPh0W+4
SysFS ID: /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:19.0
SysFS BusID: 0000:00:19.0
Hardware Class: network
Model: "Intel 82578DM Gigabit Network Connection"
Vendor: pci 0x8086 "Intel Corporation"
Device: pci 0x10ef "82578DM Gigabit Network Connection"
SubVendor: pci 0x1028 "Dell"
SubDevice: pci 0x02da
Revision: 0x05
Driver: "e1000e"
Driver Modules: "e1000e"
Device File: eth1
Memory Range: 0xf7fe0000-0xf7ffffff (rw,non-prefetchable)
Memory Range: 0xf7fdc000-0xf7fdcfff (rw,non-prefetchable)
I/O Ports: 0xecc0-0xecdf (rw)
IRQ: 47 (17143463 events)
HW Address: 84:2b:2b:9a:b4:35
Link detected: yes
Module Alias: "pci:v00008086d000010EFsv00001028sd000002DAbc02sc00i00"
Driver Info #0:
Driver Status: e1000e is active
Driver Activation Cmd: "modprobe e1000e"
Config Status: cfg=no, avail=yes, need=no, active=unknown

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