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[yast-devel] YaST with Qt5: WIP fixing a broken inst-sys

These are notes of my work to be continued tomorrow, as I have to
leave for today. Feel free to pick it up today.

There are pending SRs of libyui-qt on Qt5 to Factory, and the
YaST:Head:installer image already includes it. Pepa told me that
yast did not start there.

To reproduce:
wget --no-use-server-timestamps
qemu-kvm -usbdevice tablet -m 1024 -vga vmware -cdrom
# boot: insecure=1 startshell=1

The problem is triggered by inability of Qt to start a session dbus.
This may be because with Qt5 we did not prune the rpms like with Qt4
and include all plugins in the inst-sys, one of them may need dbus.

Apparently harmless errors on the console:
cannot find user polkitd mentined in dbus config file
(does not prevent system bus from starting)
cannot start system bus
(to be able to start the system bus, mkdir /run/dbus, and add that
to /sbin/inst_setup; but yast does not need the system bus)

To be able to start a session bus,
rm /var/lib/dbus # because inst-sys links it to an empty dir on a RO fs
mkdir /var/lib/dbus
dbus-uuidgen --ensure

But then I get a black screen, even though yast appears to be
running. WTF? Maybe something with icewm?
Martin Vidner, Cloud & Systems Management Team

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