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Re: [yast-devel] New Installer: Sprint Review 2013-11-29
On 2.12.2013 19:40, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2013-12-02 15:51 (GMT+0100) Lukas Ocilka composed:

Done: Got a UI proposal from Ken, will share some next version

Are there really people who believe any material change in UI is
warranted? I find the openSUSE installer to be far and away the best
operating system installer I've ever used. I struggle to think of how
any of its basic elements or its overall design could be improved, other
than making it easier for users to make all its text larger.

Thanks :)

I've had a chat with our designed Kenneth Wimer and found out he's writing a blog post about his newly designed installer dialogs. He'll hopefully finish and publish it soon. I suggest to comment his blog post when it's done.

WRT text size, I struggle with why developers are so insistent that
users who need legible text must work so hard to have it. Those who
encounter too big text normally will have no trouble with large text
interfering with finding a way to make it less intrusive. Such is not
the case for those who find it too small, who find it difficult or
impossible to navigate into instructions to change it, entirely due to
unnecessary legibility impediment provided by eagle-eyed developers.

Variability in pixel density of devices has been expanding. It will
continue to expand as display technology continues to evolve. One size
cannot fit all. Excessive whitespace is a villain. Something does need
to be done to enable user needs to be readily accommodated.

Anaconda tried a massive redesign not long ago. It went from
unimpressive to downright awful, where is remains. Please don't believe
any UI that deviates more than a little from the current YaST would be
good for users. What ain't broke don't need fixin'.

If someone wants to fix something broken, find a way to keep the limited
available freespace popup sequestered until such time as space falls
short on a device that is relevant to the installation process. No one
needs to be warned of a space shortage on a device where no software
components will be installed, particularly if the device has not been
selected for mounting at boot time, or hosts a non-native filesystem.

New Installer is mostly about removing unneeded steps. Some kind of redesign comes with every single openSUSE release anyway.

Thanks Felix, I'll forward your comments to Ken.



Lukas Ocilka, Yast TL, Cloud & Systems Management Department
SUSE LINUX s.r.o., Praha
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