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Re: [yast-devel] Re: [yast-installation] Call hooks for installation clients (#107)
On 12/04/2013 12:00 PM, Lukas Ocilka wrote:
On 4.12.2013 10:16, Vladimir Moravec wrote:
Originally I let the pop-up window show only in case there were some
failed hooks, but I changed it for the reason that if the user makes the
effort of creating one or several hook files and puts them into the
installation system (which is not a trivial task and must be done
without the user friendly GUI), he will/might expect some visual
feedback about the results before the first boot. In the end one of the
goals of the installer GUI is to let the user inform about the succeeded
or failed steps during the installation. It's just a single click to let
the pop-up go away and continue with reboot.

Well, but that's exactly what he designer, PM and PjM don't want to:
Having new pop-ups during installation. It's fine if this is
configurable, e.g., on commandline (for debugging purpose) but the
default has to be "silent".

You can set whatever you want at the Linuxrc commandline while the
installer is starting:

See (as an example)
how this is done for another Installer feature.

I think that the hooks will be useful mainly for automated installations
where admins will test them a lot before going into production. Then
they can even expect some more detailed hooks summary during the hooks'
testing using the GUI installer (number of hook files, names of files,
execution time). Currently they have to dig through the yast logs to get
more details.

Hooks should be used both for automated installations and by add-ons.
Both usually need to do something in background. Of course, having the
information, for instance, persistent in some kind of logs is a very
good idea - better than dumping all to /dev/null - and logs are copied
to the installed system (it just needs to be checked which logs or
extend the functionality).

I fully agree - no interactive information about succeeded hooks.

It is fine to log a summary of hooks which were executed - so that one can easily find if some hooks were not executed at all (e.g. because of a typo in the file name), but one should not bother users. After all, the end-user, installing the system, does not care whether there are any hooks run in the workflow, caused e.g. by a DUD.

My suggestion:

- log when executing a hook, including the result
- show an error pop-up in case of failing hook
- (*) log full stdout / stderr of the hook
- at the end, log summary of executed hooks
- show error in case of failed hooks

(*) perhaps only for y2debug?



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