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Re: [yast-devel] Skeleton or refactored yast module
# jreidinger@xxxxxxx / 2013-08-21 09:48:42 +0200:
I am now considering if for documentation purpose is better if we have
skeleton or have one really nice plugin that can be used as example.

maybe i don't understand, but skeletons are AFAIK used / useful
in evirnomnets with non-trivial amounts of boilerplate (personally,
i avoid such environments).

- simply
- have marks where user should change something

yeah, instead of an example use of the "real stuff", the prospective
hacker is left with boilerplate and comments that boild down to
"here would be a useful example, but the skeleton is large already".

- simply to become outdated or broken as it is not used except new
developers ( it actually happen to old one )

again, IMO, a need for skeletons shows lack of DRYness.

Nice module:
- real code, so bigger chance that it contain code that developer
- code is regularly used and tested
- real automated tests
- contain module specific code, that is not need to understand

if the module mixes code on different levels of abstraction, it's not
a Nice module. so i'd say it would be its own test: if it confuses
readers, it does not meet the requirements.

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