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Re: [yast-devel] Requirements for Yast testing framework
# vmoravec@xxxxxxxx / 2013-08-14 10:06:54 +0200:
* minitest became part of ruby stdlib in version 1.9.2 [1]
* minitest kind of replaced some internals of test/unit lib
* minitest supports writing of traditional unit tests and also of
'specs' (Rspec DSL style). This would allow people to write their test
in prefered way and still to use single library [1]
* minitest beats rspec on complexity, some statistics are available here [2]
* minitest supports mocking and benchmarking
* minitest developer is a Ryan Davis aka zenspider, member of seattlerb
(Seattle Ruby Brigade), perhaps the most active ruby group worldwide [3]

looks like we have a winner to me.

The question is if we could do more and also use integration testing [3]
in the
future. Like the installer could setup partitioning and then check
and software proposal. That would probably need some UI support, but in
cases it could be nice.

not sure about this

if it can drive code, it can drive code. integration tests are not that
different from unit tests. or am i missing something?

- Development tools integration: Currently we run "make check", the
should be easily used from make (or rake) from Yast code.

check if we consider using Rake

does that mean it's hard to use outside of Rake?


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