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[yast-devel] unit tests for yast modules written in ruby

vlado brought up an interesting topic, namely the choice of a
unit-testing framework. there's a bunch of them written for ruby code,
some of the most popular ones (presented in no particular order) are:

* minitest
* rspec
* shoulda
* Test::Unit

for a pretty good overview.

i have no strong preference or dislike for any of them,
with the exception of rspec, which creates methods on the CUT
(to be clear: i don't like that).

but before we dive into a massive flamewar re: which one is the best,
there's another topic to chew on: do we need to standardize this at all?

as far as i understand the situation, yast modules are mostly silos with
one or two people ever hacking on any given module. this arrangement
would lend weight to the argument that no, we don't need to standardize
on a single unit-testing framework, each maintainer is free to choose
whatever they like most. OTOH, strong code-ownership has its downsides,
so maybe, unless we want to make the segregation of interests stronger,
we should not move the code further apart. a standard test framework
would make it easier to move code between modules, eg. utility functions
initially written for a specific yast module getting promoted to
ruby-bindings or something.


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