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Re: [yast-devel] Some YaST Packages Will Be Out of Maintenance Soon
Dne 7.8.2013 14:47, Lukas Ocilka napsal(a):
- Move to openSUSE project and add some README without removing files
from the master branch, and also removing from openSUSE

I assume that by this you mean moving in Git from


If so, then I think it would be very confusing to have YaST repositories on two different places. Users and random contributors don't care if the module is maintained by core YaST team or someone else and will expect everything under one project.

Let's discuss the possibilities and then let's decide which one is the

My not-that-much-informed opinion is that we should ask the following question for each considered module:

Does the module still make sense and we only don't have manpower to
maintain it, or is it completely obsolete?

If it is completely obsolete, let's drop it (the README way seems reasonable). It it makes some sense, let's try to find an active maintainer (by posting into relevant mailing lists). If one appears, (s)he'll maintain the module, if not, let's drop it.

By active maintainer I mean someone who will at least respond to bugs, read yast-devel and react to pull requests in timely fashion (important especially for mass changes). Someone able and willing to make module-local decisions. Preferably, he will also actively improve the module. Doesn't matter if he is from SUSE or not.

Note that by above definition a generic maintainer (some mailing list) can't really be "active".

David Majda
SUSE Studio developer
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