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Re: [yast-devel] YaST Ruby final conversion & integration - DONE

I have just finished installation of Factory snapshot with Ruby-YaST. It went smoothly, I did not hit any issue at all (however, I went through the default work-flow only).

Huge THANKS to everybody involved in this project!


On 07/31/2013 03:42 PM, David Majda wrote:

we are pleased to announce that the final Ruby conversion of YaST YCP
code to Ruby is over. The converted source was committed to Git [1],
passed through Jenkins and builds successfully in YaST:Head [2]. YaST
version was increased to 3.0.0. We also sent submit requests to Factory
(not accepted yet).

** YaST Git repositories are open for development again. **

Thanks everybody for patience and welcome to the new Ruby era :-)

Technical Details

In all affected Git repositories, we used the following Git tags to mark
the conversion:

* good-bye-ycp -- last commit before the conversion
* hello-ruby -- last commit of the conversion

You can use them to see the changes the conversion did, e.g.:

The amount of converted code is quite impressive:

* 4204 files
* 594680 lines of YCP deleted
* 724687 lines of Ruby added


There are few small issues that remain to be solved:

* There were problems running tests on Jenkins for several packages.
We solved them temporarily by fiddling with the test scripts, but
we need to fix them more properly. Josef & Martin will look into

Note the tests still pass correctly in when building in the OBS.

* Module "iplb" is currently broken -- it wasn't converted, but its
tests don't work after converting "testsuite" into Ruby. We need to
clarify status of this module and fix it or drop it.

Next Steps

In the coming days and weeks, we would like to do the following:

1. Publish a document describing what the conversion changed (and
how) and what remained the same. This will make starting with Ruby
YaST easier for everybody who was not involved in the conversion.

2. Publish a document describing how to best handle YaST maintenance
fixes in the old YCP code base which will need to be applied back
to Ruby.

3. Decide on how exactly to do documentation and testing.

4. Update the skeleton that shows how to create a new YaST module to
Ruby and describe the best practices.

5. Initiate a discussion about further changes and improvements in
YaST architecture, which would allow us simplify it even more and
make YaST even more attractive to contributors.



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