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[yast-devel] openSUSE-13.1 Milestone2 with Ruby YaST
[This mail I have sent to opensuse-factory@, I'm posting it also here...]

Hi all,

Long story short: Alternative Milestone 2 installation images with Ruby YaST
created by the YCP Killer project are available here:
(~860MB, only package subset, select "Minimal X" or "Textmode" software

And here is the full story:


You might already know the YCP Killer project [1] by which we want to replace
our specific YCP language used in YaST by Ruby.

The transition to Ruby is automated, we created a translator from YCP to Ruby
improved the core YaST so it can run Ruby modules.

Our goal is to switch all our YaST modules from YCP to Ruby in openSUSE-13.1.

The most critical part of YaST is the installer which cannot be easily updated
already released media. Therefore we need broader testing before this switch to
avoid installation failures on large scale.

That's why we created alternative ISO images for installing openSUSE 13.1
2 with YaST converted to Ruby.


We have two installation images with converted YaST installer, "fullDVD" which
basically the Milestone 2 DVD ISO and "miniDVD" which contains just a subset of
packages needed for "Minimal X" installation (or "Minimal Text Mode",
the other software selections will fail because of missing packages).

"fullDVD" is recommened, but if your download speed is slow or you have a
limit then you can try the "miniDVD".

(Note: we built the ISOs _after_ the official M2 images so there might be some
small changes in package versions, the images are not 100% compatible with M2,
but they are very close. So rather use the official M2 release for testing and
reporting non-YaST issues.)

The ISOs are available here:

(We built only x86_64 images to save OBS resources, sorry, no other


You need to manually add "insecure=1" boot option because the ISOs are not
by the official openSUSE GPG key. You will also need to accept the OBS
GPG key when adding the installation repository during installation.

Alternatively to full installation you can switch to YaST Ruby later after
installing the official Milestone 2. As root run this:

# add YaST:Head:ruby
zypper ar -f
# replace all YaST packages, use distribution upgrade to allow vendor change
zypper dup --from YaST:Head:ruby

Then you can test Ruby YaST in installed system, use it the same way as the


We already did some minimal testing to ensure the image installs, but
we need more intensive testing. So use the images as usual openSUSE installation
images, try configuring various system properties, try different

We only changed the YaST implementation language, so the look&feel of YaST is
actually must be) the same as in the classic YCP YaST.

The automatic translation to Ruby also means that a bug in YCP YaST will be also
present in Ruby YaST (bug compatibility).

Known bugs

- There is a segfault printed at the console at the end of the first
stage just before reboot, but it happens at the very end when YaST is exiting
and should be harmless.

- When using non-English language some texts are not translated (button labels,

- Installation from images is not supported (not available on the medium), the
installation proposal will just inform about this.

- The ncurses control center in installed system starts for very long time
(~2 minutes)

For other bugs see the GitHub link in the next section.

Bug/Success Reporting

We are focused on bugs in YCP to Ruby translation, if you find a bug which is
present in YCP YaST in the official M2 then use the usual bug reporting via

If you are unsure you can try the same in the official M2 or you can report it
anyway, we will check it. (Of course, it would be nice if you could do that so
we are
focused on real bug fixing.)

Also report slowdowns or other different behavior not observed in original YCP

For reporting bugs use GitHub issues (GitHub account needed):

It would be also great to get some positive feedback to know how many people
tested our installer and know what has been already tested and works.

Just send a short summary what did you test (which module(s), what did you


If you have any questions or you want to report a success just reply here
or connect to #yast freenode IRC channel.

Have a lot of fun!




Ladislav Slez√°k
Appliance department / YaST Developer
Lihovarsk√° 1060/12
190 00 Prague 9 / Czech Republic
tel: +420 284 028 960
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