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[yast-devel] YCP vs Ruby: RAM consumption in installation

Hi all,

I'd like to extend the David's message about the working installer,
I have some interesting data for you.

I did some tests regarding the memory consumption in the YaST
installer after switching to Ruby because there were some
concerns about increased memory requirements...

YCP vs Ruby: RAM consumption

Testing setup:
HW: VirtualBox virtual machine with 4 CPUs and 1GB RAM
SW: openSUSE-12.3, 64bit installation, English language, graphical (Qt)

The Ruby installation ISO was from
For YCP installation I used the final 12.3 DVD ISO image.

Originally I wanted to put the results directly here, but a spreadsheet
document looks better, it's available here:


The overall increase in RAM usage is about 20-30MB (depending on how you
measure it).

This is not bad if you consider that just the new inst-sys image needs about
5MB more
space (because of the added ruby packages).

But the converted YaST code currently does _not_ include comments,
adding them will slightly increase all YaST files (but should not be much as
uses compressed squashfs images)


The RAM size needed is not much bigger for running YaST in Ruby and the
needed extra RAM space can be even decreased after some inst-sys tweaking (see
next paragraph) to like 15-20MB more than the old YCP installer.

This is really good news!

Possible improvements:

Currently we include _complete_ ruby in inst-sys, including parts which are not
needed for the installer (like webrick web server, test unit, rdoc, rake,
xmlrpc, ....). It's possible to remove these parts and save some space in
inst-sys which is stored in RAM. It's possible to include just a part of an RPM
package to inst-sys instead of complete package.

Also the added fast_gettext gem could be filtered to save few kilobytes...

Later we could also do some cleanup and use native Ruby library instead of our
implementation (e.g. use native net/ftp.rb instead of our FTP.ycp (converted to
FTP.rb), the same applies to String.ycp, URL.ycp...)


Ladislav Slezák
Appliance department / YaST Developer
Lihovarská 1060/12
190 00 Prague 9 / Czech Republic
tel: +420 284 028 960
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